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April 2, 2015 | Balinese Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, Rice, Tangerang, With Pork

Finding authentic Balinese Cuisine in Jakarta is certainly not easy. A few years ago, several babi guling joints opened in the Kelapa Gading area, but the trend was short-lived and none survived. Eateries serving nasi campur Bali today only offer the non-pork version. So when we heard about a place called Warung Nyoman at Serpong area that serves pork, we’re excited and decided to give it a try.


Warung Nyoman is located not too far from Bumbu Pekalongan (read the review HERE), in the row of ruko (shophouses) right next to Tunas Bangsa school. The place is not big but clean. Turned out they have just opened for about a month. The one page menu is straight forward, ranging from nasi campur babi/ayam, nasi ayam betutu asap and sate lilit (babi/ayam/ikan). So we ordered a portion of nasi campur babi and nasi ayam betutu asap. It was delicious, the item of the nasi campur was quite complete with lawar, tum, babi masak manis, sambal matah and sate lilit. I wished my nasi campur has crispy pork skin on it, but the dish was already good without the skin. SC’s nasi ayam betutu asap was also tasty and flavorful.


Since we’re the only customer eating there on 2 PM in the afternoon, the owner/chef came and talked to us. Turned out he is not from Bali but Pekalongan (Central Java), but he has years of experience cooking Balinese dishes. He explained to us that cooking betutu style means that the meat is supposed to be smoked, not just stewed in spices, the way many restaurants in Jakarta (or even in Bali) often do. After that, we’re intrigued and decided to order a portion of his sate lilit and it turned out to be good as well.


Overall, we’re very satisfied with what we ate at Warung Nyoman and we’ll be back again from time to time whenever I crave good Balinese food.

Warung Nyoman
Ruko Jasmine
Jl. Kelapa Gading Selatan
Gading Serpong

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  • sila

    Ibu Jenny’s recommendation is spot on. Their nasi campur komplit is delicious. Thank you Ibu. They now serve (3 pcs) crispy pork skin with the nasi campur. IMHO, their babi manis was a bit too sweet but the ayam suwir (shredded chicken) is better than that found at Nasi ayam Ibu Mangku, Ibu Mardhika and at Ibu Oki’s. Recommended

  • Chuck

    Love the sate lilit and ayam betutu. We tried all 3 version of sate lilit (tenggiri, ayam, babi) and they are good. The proprietor is Mr. Romi Candra and this is his number if you want to call the place 085959598709

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