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July 31, 2006 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, Kaki Lima

Last week we found this small & delicious ‘kaki lima’ cafe near “RM. Nasi Gandul” Pesanggrahan that served : “Ayam Bakar Taliwang” (Lombok/Sumbawa authentic cuisine) . So we (I) had dinner there and ordered : “ayam bakar taliwang” (grilled wild young chicken with Lombok’s style chilli sauce) with a portion of “pelecing kangkung” (Cooked fresh water spinach (kangkung), mixed with a sauce made with chilli, fish paste/terasi, tomato salt and lime). both are very hot and spicy. So if you can’t stand spicy food better not risk yourself to try it 🙂 Besides “pelecing kangkung” and “ayam taliwang” they also served “beberok terong” (cooked eggplant with fresh chopped onion and chili sauce).

Ayam Bakar Taliwang


Jl. Pesanggrahan Raya (seberang HERO)
Meruya, Kebon Jeruk
ph. 08176760586

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  • Reza

    Salam kenal jenz.Site loe keren banget.Gimana ya bikinnya? Gue pingin banget buat kayak loe gini.Loe buat foto2nya pake apa bisa pake frame and tambah caption gitu.

  • jenz

    hi reza, salam kenal juga.. blog ini bikinnya pake movabletype.. trus gambar2nya diedit pake potosop 🙂

  • Reza

    oh gitu, movabletype apa sih jen? Thanks for getting back to me directly. I find blogging in blogspot so restricting, friends can’t even post comments if they’re not a member. Ada friendster ga jen? How was the taliwang chicken by the way? And the price? You usually post it.

  • Reza

    I just tried this place and oh my God it’s delicious. I will certainly be back. Thanks a lot Jen.

  • superkun

    harganya murah kok.. ayamnya seekor tuh rp.18.000,- disanaa ayamnya per ekor,ga bisa perpotong,tapi kecil kok seekornya. plecing kangkungnya rp.3.500,-

  • Rizal

    Hi..salam kenal ya. gambar ayam taliwangnya saya pinjem, untuk ilustrasi tulisan di blog saya. Boleh kan? Trims

  • katlyn

    dimana saya bisa cari orang yang bisa poto menu/gambar makanan,tahun depan saya mau bikin cafe,kalau bisa email saya.alamat dan nmr telp

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