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April 29, 2010 | Bogor, Chicken/Beef/Mutton, INDONESIAN CUISINE

Back to Bogor review. After having lunch at our friend’s home (his mom cooked a superb pecel lele & sambel terasi), we’re planning to try Soto Pak Salam before having dinner at Nasi Uduk Bansus. Unfortunately, Pak Salam didn’t open his business that day. Our friend who guided us suggested that we try Ny. Lily’s Catering while waiting for Nasi Uduk Bansus to open (it was around 4 PM and Bansus usually opens at 6 PM). The place is very simple and unassuming, only several tables and chairs. But this place was once reviewed by Bondan Winarno on Wisata Kuliner.
Ayam Panggang Santan Ny. Lily
The dishes are the kinds of home cooked food that is already hard to find in Jakarta nowadays. We sampled several dishes such as: Ayam Panggang Santan that tasted very unique as the roasted chicken gave a hint of smokiness in the coconut milk soup and the chicken tasted very rich, Sayur Pucung which tasted a bit like rawon (East Java meat soup made using kluwek) but lighter, green chili cooked with tofu and nasi bakar. Overall, the dishes we sampled were great. Too bad I’m not living in Bogor or I’ll be having Ny. Lily’s Catering every day 🙂

Ny. Lily’s Catering
Jl. Batu Tulis No.38
+62(251) 328419

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  • ping

    ini di batutulis sebelah mananya ya? tadi aku barusan ngecek kok ga nemu, yg ada nomor 38 itu rumah duka sinar kasih…terus nanya org sekitar jg ga ada yg tao.

  • rizkypuji

    Itu adanya di jalan batu tulis no 74 kalo gasalah… Pokoknya tempatnya kecil kaya warung, deket bengkel yang gedeeee! 🙂 just went there today 🙂

  • audrey

    bru nyasar di bogor jg nih, gak ktemu warung lilynya..dimana patokannya yah sebenernya..hiks

  • Danny

    Adanya di Jl. Batutulis No.74, kalo nomor 38 itu nomor lama. Patokannya kalo dari arah Lawang Gintung sebelum bengkel Nawilis dan sesudah Puskesmas Balekambang.
    Silahkan mampir… 🙂

  • Tami

    Dear all of you who read this:
    Having been a faithful customer of Mrs. Lily’s Culinary Establishment since 1995, I now, with great regret, would like to inform you that since Mrs. Liky AND her Master-Chef daughter MRS. DOORTJE have passed away, this culinary heaven is now closed. I do not know whether other members of their family would like to continue the culinary business. I miss Mrs. Lily and her daughter Doortje — may they Live in God’s Light forever. And I miss the delicious dishes they used to prepare….

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