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October 22, 2007 | Central jakarta, Chinese Cuisine, JAKARTA, Noodle

After the kalap lunch at ITC Mangga Dua, we wandered around the mall, snacking on A&W’s potato cheese ball, and then headed to Gloria for a glass of ice coffee. Too bad the place was already closed. We later sat at the so so Shan tung kuo tie, and then headed to panca warna for dinner. Nath recommended us to try Bakmi Kepiting Ameng ’99’ – its a Chinese food restaurant in Pontianak (Tio Ciu?) style

Bakmie Kepiting Ameng 99

so we sat down and ordered: bakmi goreng kepiting 17K, bakmi kepiting yam 15K, 2 portions of sekoteng 10K, 1 kwecap 9K to share. As we waited for the orders to arrive (while snacking on some mediocre otak-otak), Nath went to the next door restaurant to order 1 Pontianak style fish congee 12K and buy rusip kepiting & udang for us. When the dish came, we started to dig in. The Bakmi Kepiting turned out to be very delicious after we squeezed in some jeruk cui and added chili sauce into the noodle. It was so delicious that we decided to order another bowl of noodle 😛 The fried noodle was also great and so was the kwecap, but the most delicious dish we ate that night was the fish congee, it was different from ordinary congee because we can still see the texture of the rice grains, swimming in a pool of garlic flavored soup. It was heavenly. Even though we still wanted to try more of those amazing dishes, we had to stop since our bellies were close to bursting 😀 We will surely return for more 🙂
Bakmi Kepiting

Bakmi Kepiting Ameng 99
Jl. Pangeran Jayakarta No.34CC
ph. +62(21) 6008837 – 98565395

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  • venny

    Bubur ikannya lucu yah.. lebih kayak nasi dikuahin gitu?

  • jenz

    iya ven, kaya nasi gurih dikuahin, enak bgt kalo menurut gw 😛

  • sopjagung

    Kalo menurut gue sih biasa aja 😀

  • Reza

    That looks great, only tried bakmi kepiting once, that’s the one in Kelapa Gading, wasn’t that impressed, but that looks good, do you know if they use lard in the food.Or if they can make it halal?

  • Eddy

    setahu saya bubur yg masih berbentuk nasi/bulir beras adl bubur bangka. kalo saya justru agak geli, kayak nasi disiram sup bening..meskipun kalo saya makan nasi juga suka banjir disiram sup. 🙂
    cara membuat bubur bangka bahan dasarnya nasi putih. nasi itu lalu dimasak lagi cukup lama dengan air kaldu, tapi tdk sampai menjadi bubur. lalu disajikan dengan isinya. aneh yah…hehehe.

  • lia

    halal g resto ini..

  • Ivonne

    Memang bakmi kepiting Ameng top banget. Kepitingnya fresh dan rasanya gurih.
    Udah lama gak kesana jadi kangen.

  • Harry

    Kalo menurut gue sih …. Gak enak banget!!! Gue aja belum pernah nyoba kok!!! Trus harus bilang apa dong? Lagian gue kan jauh ke Jkt! Pesawat yang murah aja S$ 315 PP.. Kecuali kalo gue dapet tiket gratis deh ,… hahahah … Stress neh!

  • Ferdi

    Yah bubur ikan pontianak emang begitu..
    banyak kuah dan tinggalkasih
    lada ..hmm ..enak sekali.

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