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August 2, 2006 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, Kaki Lima

After we read from Ice’s comment here that there’s one “Bakmi Kumango” opened in Jakarta, me and SC start on a search to greenville, the first time we went on the afternoon and couldn’t found it, later we found out that the place was close at night. So we came again on weekend for lunch and this time we found it. So we ordered 2 portion of “Bakmi Kumago”. it was OK, but I think it tasted not quite the same with the one I had in Medan.
Bakmi Kumango

Bakmi Kumango asli Medan
Jl Mangga Raya Blok Y no 18
(ada di sebrang IN Style Salon and spa)
West Jakarta

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  • wie

    di muara karang ada buka yang baru tuh mie hokkian kumango asli medan..rasa sama persis..cobain d

  • Taufik

    This is my favorite dish back then in Medan!

  • Kotty

    Ini dia Mie Ayam yang saya cari. Kalo di Jl. Kumango Medan Ayamnya di campur telor ayam muda

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