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July 22, 2010 | Chinese Cuisine, JAKARTA, Noodle, North Jakarta

On the same block as kwetiaw seafood agogo, there’s a place called Bakmie Hock Seng. This is the branch of a famous noodle shop from Medan. We haven’t tried it on our last visit to Medan, so we decided to try it now with Ronjil who appears to be an avid fan. When we arrived, we’re quite surprised that there’s a queue in front of the restaurant, as it is not a fancy place like Kitchenette / Bistro Baron, so it looked very promising. Not long after that, we got a table and ordered their special noodles (35K for special noodles, the basic noodles fare is about 24K). The noodle itself is not really special, the diameter of the noodle is quite thick, but not as thick as udon. The topping is an assortment of fish cake, meat ball, fish, crab, prawn, marinated pork in soy sauce, prawn & fish ball, marinated egg in sweet soy sauce, Chinese black mushroom, lettuce & cilantro. It was surely delicious, though quite pricey. 🙂

Bakmie Hock Seng

Bakmie Hock Seng
Ruko Central Bisnis Muara Karang
Blok 4/ Z8 Selatan No 11
North Jakarta, Indonesia 14450

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  • veny

    enak banget … sesekali musti dicoba tapi mahal ya ? ha2

  • jenz

    Menurut temen gw yg org Medan, dia lebih prefer bakmie perdana yg katanya jauh lebih murah & cm beda cingkongnya doang 🙂

  • dr. B

    wah jen, di muara karang mah banyak yg kaya gini, puter2 aja pasarnya hehehehe mahal banget ya??

  • Anne

    Mesti coba “bakmie hokkian” yg ada di seberang bakmie GM di JL.Gajah Mada!!

  • Yudha

    Kayaknya lebih enakan yang di Medan daripada yang di MK yah. BTW menyambung post Anne, kalo yg di seberang Bakmi GM itu namanya Warung Tinggi:)

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