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May 4, 2005 | Beverages, JAKARTA, South Jakarta

Bakoel KoffieTired of hangout at Starbuck / Coffee Bean, Last weekend with a couple of friends we headed to “Bakoel Koffie” Cikini. From what I heard Bakoel Koffie serves a various coffee provided by good quality beans taken from Indonesia’s plantations in Sumatra, Sulawesi, Timor, Java and Bali.

Bakoel Koffie Cikini

I’m not a big fan of coffee so I can’t tell much about the coffee quality here, but I guess it was OK lah, not bad judging from all the seat in this place mostly occupied 😛 The place was decorated in a warm nostalgic atmosphere, being inside the cafe just like seeing old movies, here and there alot off people chatting. and since I can’t stand smoke we choose to sit at the non smoking section. I accidentally meeting Feby there, and had quite a good time there drinking Coffee Mocca.

Bakoel Koffie
Jl. Barito II no.11A
Jakarta 12130
ph. +62(21) 722-8353
fx. +62(21) 722-8354

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  • iiN

    Love this coffee….
    you should try one..
    nowadays there are very few coffee shop that can provide you excellent coffie bean and coffe drink…
    brown cow, excellent for latte and cappucino
    black mist and heritage. great for bitter coffee like black coffee, americano, espresso….
    hm…. it’s very delicious, i used to drink there everyday when u was in high schoo but now i go to college in bandung so i can’t enjoy it everyday anymore
    seriously, you should try this
    Thank you Mrs. Syenni for serving me excellent coffee =)

  • shasya

    love it a lot,,,
    u should try this,,
    satu lagi alternatif coffee shop slaen starbucks, regal,dome,,
    tempatnya pewe bgt balik lagi k tempo doeloe dgn konsep yg lbh chic and cozy,,tp masih melestarikan kepribadian indonesia,yaitu ada mainan kedaerahannya,,,
    bbrp saat yg lalu gw maen ksana en love at first sight apalagi yg d cikini pas bgt auranya,,,nyobain java frost plus maen congklak, kartu or sekedar ngobrol ma tnen2 jg ok bgt!!!toph d,,
    apalg gw kmaren baru ktemu yg pny tnyt ini hasil produk bisnis keluarga turun temurun,,,wooow,,2 thumbs for u!!!! =)

  • chichi

    hmm..biasa aja…
    jangan coba yang di kemang deh, apalagi yang di lt.2, panas banget, ga ada AC, sirkulasi udara yang buruk bikin pusing…

  • Dhiiiiian

    pencinta bakoel koffie sejati di cikini pastinya, secara dekettt bgt dari kantor gw hehehe
    i love chocolover nya….

  • chiquita

    kemaren sore gue ke bakoel yang di senopati, asik juga ya secara dia jadi satu sama galeri gitu.
    gue pesen caramel macchiato dan blueberry cheesecake. caramel macchiatonya oke lah, ada butiran-butiran coklatnya gitu. trus blueberry cheesecakenya menurut gue juga lumayan.
    note : untung gue kemaren nggak nuangin simple syrup ke macchiato gue, krn ternyata gak pake gula pun udah manis.

  • anita

    go to the one in cikini.hum…okeyyy the coffee was nice, the cheesecake was cool. but somehow i got this feeling that i like this place better than starbucks or coffeebean because of the ambiance.
    a great one in that

  • anastyo

    hmm, emang paling enak tuh tempat minum kopi….
    gw suka bgt ama caramelnya…
    yummy… ^^

  • jane

    to be honest,bakoel coffie has a terrible taste..i couldn’t feel the real coffee taste at all.. n i promise that i’ll never come again

  • sopjagung

    @jane: So what’s your favorite place to enjoy coffee? To be sure, I’m not a big fan of coffee, but I still like to enjoy a good cup occasionally 😀

  • Olive

    Jane,the reason why you said the taste’s terrible, may be because Bakoel Koffie use only Robusta Coffee from Indonesia
    Tentu rasanya beda dengan kopi Arabica di Starbucks gt hehehe
    But Basicly, I agree with IIn,Brown Cow is the best if we talk about ground coffeenya Bakoel Coffee and memang gua juga suka dengan suasana nya ( yg di Cikini)yg jadoel banget 🙂

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