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September 23, 2010 | Chicken/Beef/Mutton, Noodle, North Sumatra Cuisine, West Jakarta

Tonight we had dinner at Bakso ’99’ Medan located at Taman Palem Lestari complex. This is the branch of the famous Bakso Lebong from Medan. The place is managed by one of their relatives. Their dish is a bit different from the regular bakso sold in Jakarta. The broth was fragrant and clear, there were several meat balls and other beef innards. We can choose to have this soup with egg noodle, vermicelli, or rice noodle (kwetiaw) which will be placed in another bowl topped with marinated urat sapi (beef tendon) and lots of fried shallots. There was a small plate consisting of cilantro for those who like it and jeruk kunci. I like to add some jeruk kunci and their chili sauce in the soup which will enhance the taste into a more complex flavor. The price of this wonderful dish is not cheap (about 25K) compared to the usual Bakso. But it sure is worth every penny. If you like to sample this dish but Taman Palem Lestari is too far, you can go to Bakso Akiaw at Mangga Besar area which is also managed by their other relatives. 🙂

Bakso 99 Medan

Bakso ’99’ Medan
Taman Palem Lestari Blok C1 No.15 Cengkareng
ph. +62(21) 55951508

Headquater: Jl. Lebong No.20 Medan
Branch: Boulevard Raya Blok PA1 No.3 Kelapa Gading

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  • dr. B

    there’s also a branch of akiaw in MK and IMO better hehe

  • indra

    Hello..aku hanya bisa ngiler dari sini keke…sementara makan yang di medan aja hehe.. :)_

  • Rezza

    Same question as usual, halal ga ya Jen?

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