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July 4, 2008 | Central jakarta, Closed, International Cuisine, JAKARTA, Western Cuisine

Bali Deli
2 days ago, SC gave me a link that announced Bali Deli has reopened its door again at the same old place (Sudirman Place, now renamed to FX Lifestyle X’nter). We decided to try it this weekend. So last night after office hour, I rushed to Bali Deli and saw SC already sitting there sipping his tea & eating croisant. The interior still look quite messy, it looks like they opened in hurry. The elements don’t quite matched up & the chairs (in its coffee shop anyway) are mostly uncomfortable. Exposed ceiling shows all the aircon pipes & sprinkles. I love their old interior better than the new one.

Bali Deli
OK back to the food, I ordered a baby pork smoked backribs (grilled in several hours with special sauce) 60K with baked potato with smoked beef bacon, cheese & anchovy filling 20K. We got a plate of complimentary bread with butter, a bowl of salad which you can mix yourself at the salad bar. After a while, the meal came, the pork ribs was not bad, although it was more on the sweet side. The baked potato was ok, but the beef bacon was very chewy and tough, it felt like I’m eating a piece of rubber. Moreover, the entire dish was cold. I don’t think it was made right after we ordered it. It was more likely to be created earlier and reheated afterwards. After eating, we explored the delicatessen & bakery. The meat and cheese selection are awesome, although temperatures in there was freezing. But the best thing in Bali Deli is the bakery, they gave a 40% discount off the price of bread & cake after certain time (I think it’s 8 PM onwards). We bought home some ciabatta, focacia, apple pie, apricot danish & chocolate & coffee tart. It all taste delicious 🙂

Bali Deli – Jakarta
fX Lifestyle X’nter, Lower Ground Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 1
South Jakarta – Indonesia
ph. +62(21) 2555 4222 (direct), 2555 4244(hunting)
fx. +62(21) 2555 4233

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  • chiquita

    complimentary rotinya bagusan yang dulu ya ? yang sekarang cuma dapet baguette gitu aja ?

  • Tjing2

    Indeed! Seems they re-open that place in a hurry..The bakery staff didn’t fully acknowledge what kind of items the sell..I asked them what’s inside this bread/cake..mostly they have to ask the other staff..pffuffhhh..Additionally, i really didn’t satisfied with the wrapping, coz the put inside the same plastic, altogether bread & pastry. You can imagine the bread made the pastry got lumpy! I think i shall speak with the ‘bule’ manager whom i reckoned watching his staff working on that day i came there..To be honest i’m not quite satisfied with the item they display, seems not too much range. I found they put same items in different shelf, maybe just to cover-up their lacked of items?? The cheese section as Jenz said truly awesome..i might come back again for them and for one more thing; the La Tapas (small cafe) which also has winery there, I Love it!

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