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October 19, 2012 | Bandung, INDONESIAN CUISINE, Kaki Lima

Back to our Bandung trip, it was quite late when we left the funeral home and we were hungry, so we went with several friends to one of Bandung’s famous street food area called Cibadak. There are a lot of food stalls there offering a mixture of Asian & Indonesian delicacies. So these were what we tried that night.

  • Baso Tahu/Siomay Sin Sien Hin
    Siomay is an Indonesian version of steamed fish dumpling, usually served with peanut sauce and kecap manis (sweet soy sauce). A friend recommended this and apparently Sin Sien Hin serves pork siomay. So we ordered a portion to share and it was delicious. Definitely worth to try.
  • Bubur Rumi
    Another friend recommends this congee, so I bought a portion of fish congee. They use gourami for the fish, resulting in a flavorful congee. Unfortunately, the congee’s texture is much too smooth for my liking, as if it has been put through a blender, though I do enjoy the fish bites accompanying the congee.
  • Ambokue
    As far as I know, Ambokue can only be found in Bandung (West Java). Ambokue is a unique dish consisting of egg, tofu, ngohiong, pig’s ear, lapchiong (pork sausages), cucumber etc. It’s served drenched with a sticky sweet brown sauce. Not really my kind of dish but SC surely enjoyed it.
  • Soto Bandung Pak Simon
    Still in Cibadak street, there’s a quite crowded place serving soto Bandung. Bandung’s style soto (beef soup) is quite different from Madura/Betawi/Padang/Medanese soto. It uses white turnip (daikon) as the soup’s ingredients and served with fried soybeans. The soup was flavorful and the meat was tender. Arguably one of the best Soto Bandung I’d ever tried.
  • Ronde Jahe Alkateri
    For desserts, we decided to get something warm. Still in Cibadak street, there’s a branch of Ronde Jahe Alkateri (a famous Ronde Jahe seller at Alkateri street Bandung), so we went there. Ronde Jahe is a warm dessert, consisting of colorful sticky rice ball (some with peanut/red bean filling) served in sweet and warm ginger soup. There are two options of ginger soup to choose at Ronde Jahe Alkateri, one with palm sugar, the other with cane sugar. Both were delicious, with the ginger providing heat and, at the same time, comfort.

After that, we went to one more place before going back to our hotel and some of our friends heading back to Jakarta. We went to Pasir Koja street to visit a nasi kuning seller located in front of Toko Emas Sae (jl. Pasir Koja No. 102 Bandung). Although we’re already full from the previous place, I still couldn’t resist nibbling at a plate of nasi kuning complete with semur jengkol, tempeh and tofu. It tasted heavenly! I love the savory rice combined with the sweet and savory taste of the jengkol.


Overall, it was a good experience of Bandung street food that night. The price of the dishes was of course affordable compared to eating in a fancy restaurant, but the taste and experience we got is priceless.

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  • irene

    love the review, Jen! gue punya soft spot buat jajanan kaki lima kaya gini nih hehe

  • veny (@veny_d)

    ga cobain nasgor Bogarasa di Cibadak ?
    lain kali ke Bdg saya mau cobain Nasikuning {asir KOja .

  • admin

    @irene: thanks… ntar klo balik sini kabarin gw ya… kita ngubek2 street food bareng

  • admin

    @venny: ngga liat waktu itu, di seblah mananya nasgor Bogarasa?

  • veny (@veny_d)

    Nasgor Bogarasa di Cibadak . dia posisinya agak depan , ada spanduknya gede .
    Nasgor petenya enak banget .
    di Paskal Hypersquare juga ada tp yg masak bukan si bapak jd mnrt saya krg enak , enak yg di Cibadak .

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