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July 16, 2011 | International Cuisine, JAKARTA, South Jakarta


Two weeks ago, we’re having lunch at a place called Banger ‘n’ Mash in Kemang. The place design looks like a cafetaria with food counter on one side selling all types of sausages and pies. They serve all types of classic British favorites such as all day breakfast menu consisting of several types of sausages, egg & toast, heinz baked beans, steak, burgers and pies: kidney pie, scotch pie, cottage pie etc. They also have daily specials, such as sunday roast, macaroni & cheese, fish & chips, yorkshire pudding, scotch egg, beef & black pepper pie, which is changed daily.

  • dark-pudding-bangers-n-mash-kemang
  • fish-n-chips-bangers-n-mash-kemang

Since it was friday, they serve Fish & Chips (Fillet of Dori served with Fat Chips & Mushy peas) 60K. So, we ordered that with several side dishes from brekkie extras such as: pork sausage 5K, lorne sausage 5K and black pudding 5K. Overall, although the price was quite affordable, I’m not really impressed with the food. Almost everything is pre-cooked and all the staff had to do was deep frying or microwave it. The fish & chips were decent but the mushy peas was cold. I still prefer the one from fish & chips shop at Kemang I. The side dishes were quite oily and I was left feeling bloated all day. Given the chance though, I’ll return here just to buy their sausages & pies to take home.

Bangers ‘n’ Mash
Jl. Kemang Raya no.69 E
Mampang Prapatan
South Jakarta
ph. +62 21 7192681

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  • V

    That’s too bad. The menu sounds really British.

  • bob nowak

    many thanx for your review of bangers’n’mash, I think your photographs of the food and the cafe are great, and although you described concept just right, you didn’t understand that you were doing so,.. bangers’n’mash is based on a typical British “Greasy Spoon Cafe” that were abundant in the UK in the 60’s and &0’s, sadly very few exist today but they were the place we used to hang out when we were kids,.. thwe food concept is also very similar,.. the only difference in kemang is that we sell (Retail) our sausages and pies to the public, all our products are made by my wife and her 2 sisters, and you were incorrect when you said everything is precooked that is not the case, it is made fresh every day, This is British comfort food of yesteryear, which is now making a comeback in the UK, Bangers’n’mash kemang is aimed at the Expats living here, they come in abundance to eat our products and they understand that bloated feeling you experienced,that being the Comfort factor, I love your blog,.. really excellent stuff

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