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December 1, 2013 | JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine, West Jakarta, With Pork

Severals months ago, I had lunch with some of my food blogger friends (Selba, Cindy & Mel) at a newly opened BBQ joint called Bar-B-Q Plaza in Puri Indah Mall. Bar-B-Q Plaza is a franchise from Thailand that serves Japanese Mongolian style barbeque. I was curious about the difference between a regular barbeque and a Mongolian-Japanese one, so here we go.


The interior was simple with black and white accents. There’s a mural on the wall illustrating the use of healthy cabbages in their broth. On each table, there’s a portable stove with a Mongolian BBQ grill pan. So the idea is grilling the meat on the dome shaped grill pan, plus cooking vegetable and broth in the small ring of space surrounding the pan. Interesting, don’t you think?


There are lots of packaged combinations to choose from: you can order beef, pork, lamb, or a mix of them, with supreme, family or economic sets. So we went for the Family Set 179K that consists of the combination of pork and beef slices, plus a little assortment of chicken & fish fillet, squid, prawn, udon and some vegetables. we also ordered some bok choy 8K, carrot 8K, asparagus 15K and shitake mushroom 15K to add into the set. So let get cooking!


First we were given the lard to grease the grill (there’s vegetable oil option for those who don’t eat pork), then we pour the cabbage broth at the bottom and fill it with sliced cabbage and other vegetable. Then we started grilling the meat. At first, the broth tasted a bit plain, but later on, the lard and the meat we grilled added some sweetness to the broth. The meat was delicious and it required no sauce for grilling. I like it this way, so we know if the meat were fresh or not, not masked by the taste of strong sauces. Bar-B-Q Plaza provides several dipping sauces. I like their special sauce, but the chili sauce is not spicy at all.


Besides the main grill set, we also ordered several side dishes: beef bacon wrapped asparagus and enokitake mushroom 29K, eringi with soy sauce 19K, shioyaki shishamo 20K, white coral salad, garlic fried rice 17K. Most of it tasted just so so, although I have to admit that the price is quite reasonable.


I went back to Bar-B-Q plaza with some friends a month later for dinner. This time we ordered the economy pork set and vegetable set. It was enjoyable but since we ordered the vegetable set as well, the small space for broth overflowed. I really think they should use grill pans with a larger space for cooking the vegetable.

Bar B Q Plaza
Puri Indah Mall, 2nd Floor # 236
Jl. Puri Agung, Kembangan
West Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 5801299

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