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March 28, 2014 | Italian Cuisine, JAKARTA, South Jakarta, With Pork

SC & I are always looking for nonsmoking eateries in town. One day, I read this about nonsmoking restaurants in Jakarta and one of the eateries listed in that article is Pizza Barboni. And since we’re still in pizza craving mode, we decided to seek it out.

Located on the street behind La Codefin (Kemang 1), Pizza Barboni is a small, no-frills pizza joint that serves authentic Italian wood oven pizza. The place is simple, with several tables inside for nonsmoking guests, and two tables outside for the smokers. We placed our order at the counter. There are 12 selections of pizzas including some vegetarian pizzas like vegetariana 65K and funghi 50K, some pizza with piggy icon besides it like parma 80K, salame 65K and diavola 70K. Pizza Barboni also serves pizzottino which I think is a tiny square-sized pizza costing from 30K to 45K.


So, we decided to order Salame pizza (Italian salami, roasted eggplant, mozzarella and tomato sauce) 65K and roast vegetables (zucchini, eggplants, red onions & capsicum, seasoned with house spices) 40K to share. While waiting, the aroma from the wood-fire oven can be quite a torture, especially when hungry. It was so good and aromatic. The pizza came first, served on a piece of cardboard (no plate, which is fine by me, since we were going to eat using our hands anyway). It’s thin-crusted, slightly blackened but still good and the topping was generous. Then came the roasted vegetable. While it didn’t look that appetizing, the taste was simply sublime. The combination of the roasted vegetable, olive oil, salt and spices and herbs they put into it made it a very heavenly dish for me, I almost ate it all up by myself.


All in all, it’s a very nice addition to the eateries in Kemang area. If only such pizza joint opens in places like West Jakarta/closer to where we live, I’m sure we will be a regular there.

Pizza Barboni
Jl. Kemang I no. 72
Jakarta 12730
ph. +62(21) 718 1101

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  • Ruby |

    I’m on your side with Non-Smoking Restaurant, Jen. Barboni will be on my next to try list.

    Anw, suka sama foto from the top nya =D Its your hand or SC?

  • Jenz

    @Ruby: SC’s hand lah… my hand is too chubby to be featured here :”>

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