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March 9, 2016 | East Jakarta, JAKARTA, North Sumatra Cuisine, With Pork

I’ve been wanting to visit an eatery called Lapo Marpadotbe for a long time as quite a few friends label it the best Tapanuli Bataknese eatery in Jakarta. However, as I’m not familiar with Rawamangun area, we held off going there until last week. Accompanied by a foodie friend who’s a regular there, we ventured to East Jakarta to try it. Turned out it is not that far as it is located right across the street from TransJakarta’s halte bea cukai, right next to Indomaret mini-market.


The eating area consists of two floors with the more spacious second floor reserved for non-smoking customers (Yay!). My friend said the proprietor originally only provide catering for Bataknese wedding and later decided to open a restaurant. That afternoon, Lapo Marpadotbe was packed. Every table was filled with guests, but luckily there’s a guest who was willing to share his table with us. So as it was my first time here, we kind of ordered almost everything. We ordered babi panggang (roast pork), babi goreng (fried pork), saksang (pork dish cooked in pork blood and andaliman), dali ni horbo (buffalo milk), arsik (carp/gold fish dish) and sayur ubi tumbuk (mashed casava leaves cooked in coconut milk broth) to eat with rice.

  • lapo-marpadotbe-b2-panggang
  • lapo-marpadotbe-b2-saksang
  • lapo-marpadotbe-b2-goreng
  • lapo-marpadotbe-dali-ni-horbo
  • lapo-marpadobe-arsik-ikan-mas
  • lapo-marpadotbe-daun-ubi-tumbuk

It was delicious! I always craved for good Bataknese food in Jakarta and this one lives up to its rave reviews. I love all of the dishes served here. I usually don’t like dali ni horbo, but the one served at Lapo Marpadotbe was clean tasting with a beancurd-like texture. It reminded me a bit of paneer cheese in Indian cuisine. There are two variations of dali ni horbo served here, the white one that we ordered and the yellow one (with added coconut milk). The arsik was also good, not heavy and very refreshing from the use of asam cikala (torch ginger fruit), and andaliman (Indonesian szechuan pepper) and other spices. The pork dishes and saksang were also good. Although it may not look like much, it was truly a feast for me.

So far, this is the best Tapanuli Bataknese restaurant I’d ever tried in Jakarta, though I’m still searching for the best Karo Bataknese in Jakarta.

Lapo Marpadotbe
Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 26
Phone +62(21) 8560933
Opening hours : Mon-Sat 9AM – 6PM (closed on Sunday)

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