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August 29, 2015 | Cakes, Bread & Dessert, Central jakarta, JAKARTA


I haven’t had a chance to try Talita Setyadi’s baked goods until she opened her first outlet called Beau at Plaza Indonesia. It’s just a tiny place but offers a variety of artisan bread and pastry using high quality, fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Several months later, Beau‘s second outlet opened at the East Mall of Grand Indonesia Shopping Town. This time, the place is slightly bigger with several comfy sofas and chairs to sit and enjoy the bread and pastry.


The pastry counter looked very appetizing and because SC is an avid chocolate lover, we always ordered Super Strength (chocolate joconde, whiskey and coffee syrup, dark chocolate cremeux, cocoa glaze) 50K. It tasted delicious, moist and rich. On another occasion, we tried Strawberry Chocotaschio (caramelized honey pastry cream, chocolate sablée, fresh strawberry & pistachio) 40K. I also tried their salted caramel cruffin (butter croissant, salted caramel creme patissiere) 40K, a unique combination between croissant and muffin, quite enjoyable as the salted caramel cream was generous.



Besides the delectable pastries, Beau also has some breakfast selections along with coffee (‘Beau’ blend by Morph), tea (Gryphon), chocolate drinks and cold-pressed juices. I tried their cappuccino 38.5K & ice chocolate 44K. The coffee was only OK, while the ice chocolate was too watery, so on our next visit, I just stick to their tea selection. All in all, Beau is a nice place to visit if you’re in Grand Indonesia and in need of an afternoon tea break or just craving for something sweet.

Grand Indonesia
East Mall 1st Floor
Central Department Store
Jakarta, Indonesia

Ph. +62(21) 2992 4257

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