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October 27, 2016 | Cakes, Bread & Dessert, International Cuisine, JAKARTA, South Jakarta


After two successful outlets at Plaza Indonesia and Grand Indonesia, Talita Setyadi opened her third establishment at Cikajang street called Beau HQ which quickly grabs the attention of Jakarta’s foodies/aficionados. It is not just another bakery with instagramm-able food & interior, because it serves quality bread, viennoiserie, and pastries.


Located right across the street from Mr. Sunday & Cut The Crab, once you step into the premises it’ll be very hard to resist whipping out your phone and taking pictures as it is a beautiful place. Inspired by Scandinavian minimalist design, Beau HQ is stunning with plenty of natural light pouring through the large windows. It actually brings the outdoor inside and makes the room a lot spacier. There are two separate seating areas, outdoor and indoor, with lots of greenery here and there. As non-smokers, we chose to sit inside at the long white table.


On the counter, there were various pastries/cakes to choose from, so that afternoon we started with a pot of tea and Mont Violet ( Mont Blanc, a French dessert made from puréed purple sweet potato and whipped cream). It was good, not too sweet and really enjoyable with a cup of tea.


After our friends arrived, we started ordering more from the menu to share. One thing from the menu that particularly grabbed my attention was the smørrebrød which is a Danish-style open sandwich with a piece of rugbrod/rye bread topped with various toppings/spreads. In Beau HQ, there were several toppings to choose from prosciutto, beef pastrami, gravad lacks, pork salami, grilled chicken breast, roasted pumpkin. With a price of 30K a piece and 100K for 3 pieces, we opted for prosciutto, salami and gravad lacks. I especially enjoyed the smørrebrød as the bread itself was so good. I can literally feel the bread’s grains/texture as I ate them. The topping and presentation were appealing, and I agreed with the consensus opinion that their gravad lacks, which consists of yogurt, smoked salmon, radish, beet, microgreens and dill is the best.


  • dscf0873
  • beau-smorebord
  • beau-matcha-eclair
  • beau-chicken-liver-pate
  • beau-jamon-baguette

Beside that, we also ordered Beau’s foie (chicken liver mousse served with toasted baguette) 49K and jamon beurre (toasted baguette filled with pork leg ham, brie and sea salt butter) 79K. Both tasted exquisite and again, I enjoyed the bread so much. We had a great afternoon there, the food was good and the service was impeccable. After that, we managed to grab some bread including their signature chocolate-injected-bicolour croissant which I enjoyed for breakfast the next day. So far I think Beau by Talita Setyadi is the best artisan bakery in town and I’m looking forward to come back again soon for brunch/afternoon tea.

Jl. Cikajang No.29
South Jakarta 12170
Phone +62(21) 27517433

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