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August 15, 2007 | INDONESIAN CUISINE

Last night, we had dinner with friends at Resto Manado Beautika on Abdul Muis Road. One of my friends stop by Beautika at lunch time to make a reservation for 15 people plus ordering some dishes for the night (because we afraid that the food will already be sold out at dinner time), a senior waiter named ‘Marla’ noted down the order on two sheets of paper. The menu include : 2 bebek bumbu sereh @30K, 2 cakalang saos @25K, 1 paniki 37.5K, 2 tinoransak @25K, 2 cumi woku @25K, 2 sayur bunga pepaya @20K, 1 pepes cakalang, 2 ikan kuah asam @30K and 20 pisang goreng @4K. My friend was then asked by another waiter (male, no name tag) to pay some money for down payment, they said they have to cook the meal we ordered and if we canceled the reservation, the meal they cooked will be ruined. My friend asked them why don’t they use the food that is already on display, but they still insisted that she should pay some money. So she gave them 100K and left the place after give them her phone number.


When we arrived at around 7:30PM, I entered the restaurant and said to SC: “the reservation was using Anne name”, the nearby waiter heard me, pointed to a group of people and continue to chat with his friends. Some of our friends already there and already had ordered 5 “pisang goreng”, we then asked the waiter for some more pisang goreng. they said we didn’t reserve the “pisang goreng” and there are only 3 pieces left, so we asked for those anyway. (the “pisang goreng” NEVER came even we already nagging on it several time).

After that we start to eat, since we ordered 2 portion of food from every kind (except the “paniki”) and some of our friends haven’t arrived yet, we asked the waiter to bring out only 1 portion of each meal first. Later my friend who made the reservation came, and she noticed there’s no “pepes cakalang” available, and they brought out two portions of paniki instead of one. She make an inquiry, and the waiter (Marla) insisted stubbornly that my friend never ordered “pepes cakalang” or 20 “pisang goreng”, then she show us only 1 piece of the ordering paper and quickly left without any attempt to fix things up.

BeautikaAfter finishing our meal, we still feel we want to try “es kacang duren” for dessert, so we ordered 6 portion of it. When it came, we all start digging in and guest what? SC found a small cockroach in his dessert. We called the waiter and confront them, they said sorry and offered to replace the ruined dessert, but we decline and canceled that one, there are still 5 es kacang duren left, but I noticed that several of my friends didn’t seems to enjoy their dessert (one only used it as a last resources if she feel the meal was to spicy).

After that accident we still ordered some food like: mie cakalang (looked & tasted like an instant noodle with cakalang flavor + some veggie & fish chunks) 14K, sop brenebon sapi (it was delicious) 20K, 2 klapertart @30K, and 2 mangga tono 6K. both dish were not bad. The waiter suggest us to take out all our order.

The time was almost 9PM when another friend showed up all hungry, so we ordered another bowl of rice for her to go with all the food that is still on our table. At 9PM a waiter asked us to pay first, since they already close, and they still permit us to linger for a while. We also asked them to packed the food that was left. At 9:20 we noticed that all the waiter had dissapear and only the “Satpam” was there. When we left the place I noticed that our table is still full of plates, and I wonder, are they going to clean that the next morning? I always like to had lunch/dinner at Beautika, but after an experience like this, I will never eat at their Abdul Muis branch anymore.

Beautika Restoran
Jl. Abdul Muis No. 70A
ph. +62(21) 381-2340

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  • Venny

    Ahahahahaha! Di pasang juga fotonya :))

  • chiquita

    Kayanya kalo pun mereka minta maaf, tetep nggak bisa memperbaiki semuanya ya.
    Yang paling kasian Anne, mimpinya udah dari bulan kapan, taunya cuma dikecewakan seperti ini.

  • lira

    kok bisa kacau gitu ya? parah… padahal kemaren2 masih lumayan ok lah, meskipun da rada dijutekin ma waitress-nya..

  • Tjing2

    It seems Abdul Muis branch is sort of “unfriendly” restaurant. Something similar happened to me aswell..2 times i went there and 2 times i was ‘rejected’. Once, i arrived ard 7:40, all the food in the showcase were empty hole..aka, no more food left only dendeng balado left (but its looked undelicious). So, the next one was i was about to there again around the same time, again it’s been closed and only the satpam mentioned: Sudah TUTUP! I’m asking myself: Is it the regulation here to close early or there’s no proper management and supervision from the Manager?? Comparing to the Mustopo (Hang Lekir branch) there’s much better service i pressume..How’s other comment??

  • Harry M

    So far the service is ok (Abdul Muis and Hang Lekir).
    The best way is to come earlier the foods are still fresh or call before you go (this is what I did a few times if I have to go late)

  • albert

    service-nya pada jutek semua n taste makanannya kurang, yang ada cuma pedesnya.

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