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August 20, 2015 | Balinese Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, No Pork

Several weeks ago, when I was browsing for our dinner location in Gandaria City Mall, I noticed that Bebek Bengil has opened their branch in the Main Street area right across Secret Recipe. Since I’ve never tasted Bebek Bengil before, I decided to go there for dinner. Bebek Bengil / Dirty Duck is perhaps the most popular restaurant that serves Balinese crispy duck since 1990 in Ubud. They opened their first branch in Jakarta more than five years ago in The Ubud Building at Jalan Agus Salim.


So long story short, we went there with a friend for dinner. The place is quite spacious, dimly lit and it’s a non smoking restaurant. Bebek Bengil specialized in crispy duck, but they also serve various Asian and Western dishes. We decided to order sup balung ayam 49K, bebek bengil (half a duck steamed in Indonesiean spices and deep fried for a crispy finish) that cost 125K and Balinese sate lilit platters (chicken, fish, duck) 96K to share.


The bebek bengil arrived with a small bowl of lawar (Balinese vegetable dish made string beans and shredded coconut) and three types of sambal including sambal matah. The duck was crispy indeed, but to me it just tasted good enough, not something to write home about. The balung soup was delicious, although the chicken meat can be more tender, and the sate lilit was, again, just good enough.


Besides their crispy duck, Bebek Bengil is also famous for its black russian pie 72K so we ordered that too. Turned out this was the highlight of the night. The pie was smooth yet packed with strong flavors. It was so good, I think I’ll be back only for its black russian pie. Overall, the entire experience was just OK and the price we paid was quite pricey. I’m now wondering whether the original location in Bali is more satisfying, what do you think?


Bebek Bengil
Dirty Duck Diner
Gandaria City Mall, Main Street UG
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
South Jakarta
Ph. +62(21) 2923-6791

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  • sof

    Oww man ….feel really hungry rite now, carving for their escargot-satay, they ‘r really delicious……

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