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May 3, 2006 | East Java Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, Kaki Lima, South Jakarta

I always love to have duck for my meal as an alternative for chicken. Among my favorite there were “bihun bebek binjai” – pasar muara karang , peking duck – the duck king, Bebek Goreng Suryo. A couple of week ago with some friends I tried this one, located in kakilima, the banner outside said : “Joko Putro : Nasi Uduk, Bebek Goreng, Ayam Goreng, Pecel Ayam/Lele …” so we ordered “Bebek Goreng” with a plate of “Nasi uduk“. the service was quite fast & clean. the taste not bad, the meal came with lalapan & sambal terasi dadakan. Compared to other “bebek Goreng” from its class, but I think I like “Begor Suryo” better than this one.

Bebek Goreng Joko Putro

Joko Putro
jl Petogogan Blok A
South Jakarta

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  • Airborne

    try nasi bebek Pahlawan, near Tugu Pahlawan Surabaya, open only from 5/6 pm everyday, better come before 8 pm and please queue patiently … ^_^

  • lucy

    I just have time to eat duck, 2 x. Once in Malang, by a Chinese, no wonder, my friend’s father got crazy of it..This is the most ..succulent, taste soo good, everything is in proper. I also heard of we have to know how to cook, etc. unless it will be so smelly..The other time , Yogya Singkawang friends brought me to a Madura in DPS, seems so crowded but the duck is very yucky that’s true, is not easy to cook.
    Every time I am in Sby,I wanna eat in Sby,the place for food, too, but no time.pityyy

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