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May 27, 2011 | Balinese Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, International Cuisine, JAKARTA, North Jakarta, With Pork

Last week SC & I went to Kelapa Gading to see the Wine & Cheese Expo. As we rarely visit the Kelapa Gading area, I’ve made a list of eating places I wanted to visit. Sadly, due to the short time and my stomach capacity, we only can try two places 🙂 Our first stop was an eatery called Bebi Dogen, in the row of shophouses (ruko) at Apartemen Kelapa Gading Mediterania Residence. Bebi Dogen claims to be a Pork Ribs Specialist, serving several BBQ sauce variations with pork ribs: black pepper sauce 65K, sweet chili sauce 65K, Bali original taste 65K and honey barbeque sauce 69K. Besides ribs, they also serve burgers and salads.

Bebi Dogen

So, we ordered Pork Ribs with honey barbeque sauce 69K with ice tea 4K. The order took about 15 minutes to appear in front of us, quite reasonable since they need time to grill. Luckily the ice tea came fast and the glass size is big and quite refreshing. The ribs came accompanied by french fries and sautéd mixed vegetables. The ribs weren’t as large as I had hoped, but still big enough for two. The french fries was decent, the veggie was fresh (not coming from frozen mixed vegetables), crunchy and tasty. The ribs turned out to be very good, the meat was tender and juicy, and the BBQ sauce was delicious. At first I was afraid that the BBQ sauce will taste too sweet, but I was mistaken. The BBQ sauce really fits the meat and it tasted just right. Overall, I think I’ll return here again to try their BLT & Bebi Burger 🙂

Bebi Dogen
Pork Ribs Specialist

Ruko Apartemen Gading Meditrania Residences RK/17/F
Kelapa Gading
North Jakarta
ph. +62 21 45450999

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  • AnakJajan

    mauuuuu bebi dogennn, sama nih, jarang2 ke klapa gading, skalinya kesana banyak tempat yang mau dikunjungi ;p

  • veny

    menarik banget yah , sesekali akan saya coba .
    btw enakan ini yah dr Nuri’s ?

  • niyaoke

    pork ribs *drooling*
    sayang gading jauh 🙁

  • cindy

    ya ampun, itu pork ribs nya enak banget…sayang gading jauh banget dari rumah gw..ujung ke ujung T____T

  • dr. B

    astaga pork ribs…. catetttt!!! baru juga gw pengen nyoba naughty nuri di gading juga jen, banjir babi deh tu gading ahhaha

  • admin

    ehemm… beberapa jam sesudah nyobain BebiDogen, gw nyobain Warung Nury’s, reviewnya next sih abis ini 🙂

  • Rubs

    Logonya Babi Dogen representatif bgt. Haha. I gotta try this then since you said its better than Nuri’s. 😉

  • admin

    @Ruby: better than nury’s Jkt ya, soalnya gw blom pernah nyoba nury’s Ubud

  • anonymous

    Baru coba, agak kelewat kering 🙁 mungkin sore ya jadi daging ga dapet yang bagus 🙂 kentang dan vegie enakkkk 😀 bumbu ala bebi smooke unik juga mirip bbq tapi ga terlalu sour.

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