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November 11, 2006 | JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine, West Jakarta

Last month, my friend zink happen to be in Jakarta for her brother wedding. So I arranged to meet her at MTA and trying several new restaurant there. there’s sushi groove & beppu menkan. since I want to try sushi groove later that night, we had early dinner at “Beppu Menkan Japanese noodle restaurant” serving mostly Ramen with different type of broth. you can also pick how many chilly to put on the soup (rate 1 – 8) from the menu. When I first try salmon ramen at plasa indonesia EX several years ago, I accidentally choose to put 8 chilly in my ramen order. turn out it was disaster 🙁 so this time I’ll stick to donburi.. and I ordered “Oyako Don” 34.546 while zink ordered “char siew ramen” regular (sliced beef 🙁 ‘char siew’, egg, back fungus, seaweed, bamboo shoot, spring onion, fried garlic in kyushu soup ) 26.840 and 2 glass of ocha (re fill). my donburi came with a bowl of miso soup, it was delicious. Zink was quite disappointed with her charsiew ramen, not only the char siew was made of beef, but it also too tough to chew 🙁

beppu menkan

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