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October 20, 2007 | Chicken/Beef/Mutton, Chinese Cuisine, JAKARTA, Noodle, West Jakarta

Last Friday, we’re planning to have dimsum with some friends at Ah Yat, but when we arrive at the Golden Boutique Hotel around lunch time, it was filled with people, and the waiter outside the restaurant informed us that the Dimsum menus were already sold out. We decided to go to ITC Mangga Dua and have our lunch there instead. Since it was 2 days before Eid-ul Fitri, some of the eateries there were closed. Fortunately, we found a place called Bihun Bebek Beijing that was still open. We got a table and started to eat everything put in front of us as we were very hungry. There were bakso ikan & talas goreng, 4 packs of tape singkong @3K, 6 portions of bihun bebek @26K, 2 portions of nasi kari, 1 roti cane + kari kambing 20K, 2 portions of rujak @15K, 10 glasses of liang teh. Overall, the meal was delicious, but we were quite shocked when we paid as it was quite pricey. I don’t know whether this was because the coming Eid-ul Fitri made the raw materials expensive or because this place does have a higher price tags.

Bihun Bebek Beijing

Bihun Bebek Beijing
ITC Mangga Dua Lt.1 A No.10-11
ph. +62(21) 6016441

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  • carrot

    bukan karena lebaran sih, kantin ini emang rada mahal makanannya. tapi enak sih, bihun bebek nya, trus nasi kari n bihun/bakmi ayam/babi nya

  • Reza

    Went there with some buddies a while ago, the broth is good. But yep you’re right it is quite pricey, especially for such a place. It’s all about the food i guess.

  • Leez

    Dulu aku makan tahun 2006 emang udah segituan (25rb untuk bihun bebeknya) soalnya temenku suka sekali makan ini, jadi ikut nemenin makan juga biasanya…

  • rich girl

    menurut gua gak enak jen…kuahnya bau2 obat gitu

  • jenz

    mmmm yang bihun bebek beijing menurut gw bau herbal di kuahnya sih ngga sekuat bihun bebek 75.
    klo gw sih demen ya yang bau2 herbal gitu.. justru sengaja nyari yang kerasa bau herbalnya 😛

  • chacha

    Hi, jen. Salam kenal. For information, bihun bebek enak banget, tapi pas g makan bareng fren eh.. ada kaki kecoak gitu.. n dengar dr fren2 yg punya toko di itc m2 jg bilang sprt itu.

  • KT

    According to my experience when i was eating there, they used pork bone, duck bone and Chinese herbal soup ingredients as broth. Funny is…they told Muslim people that their soup is ‘Halal” What a shame:(

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