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July 31, 2008 | French Cuisine, JAKARTA, South Jakarta, Western Cuisine

Boka Buka
Last month, we want to have something fancy for lunch and decided to try out French dishes. So we head out to Coquelicot on Puri Mutiara Raya. Unfortunately, it was closed for a private party. So we turned to another restaurant on Cipete Raya: Boka Buka. The place is not big or glamorous, but it has a nice & cozy atmosphere, with friendly service.

Boka Buka
We ordered Escargot de borgogne 85K, mushroom soup 23K, fillet de boeuf 87K, and sandwich terrine 55K. We didn’t order any dessert since we want to have dessert at some other place. In my opinion, the meal was delicious. I like the escargot, very tasty & juicy. The steak was also cooked correctly just like we wanted: medium rare. And most of all, the price is very reasonable.

Boka Buka
French Restaurant
Jl. Cipete Raya No.7
Jakarta 12410 Indonesia
ph. +62(21) 7591 7471
fx. +62(21) 75913284

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  • Daniel Prawira

    Boka Buka emang one of the reasonably priced french restaurant. space yg di belakang jg enak jenz, buat nongkrong sambil baca2 buku en ngopi2… cobain Java Bleu deh jenz, recently they just re-opened their restaurant… i bet u gonna love it! Its very authentic! kalo menurut g seh escargotnya lbh enak

  • chiquita

    boka buka, resto kecil yang menyenangkan. makanan enak dan harga murmer.
    setaun lalu gue sama temen gue pernah niat beli resto ini lho :p

  • jenz

    Daripada beli mending buka sendiri aja Chic.. cafe + bakery. Gw ketagihan cookies lo nih 😛

  • Andree Soesilo

    ya…. Boka Buka emang salah satu tempat favorit saya….. reasonable price… good food… udah gitu dekat ama rumah 🙂

  • Anita

    I don’t understand you’re saying that it’s very reasonably priced. Hubby and I spent 400Rb for two main courses, 1 escargot, 1 bread&butter (sepertinya ini ditagih kemudian, kirain komplimenn!! huh!!), 2 glasses of wine and 1 dessert. Untung makanannya enak dan tempatnya cozy.. kl ga nangis de :p

  • jenz

    @Anita: I think for French cuisine, the price is considered reasonable. If you order the same menu at Cassis or Riva, I bet you’ll have to pay much much more than 400K 🙂

  • Anita

    OK thats probably true.. gue dl di UK bs dapet value lbh baik dg harga yg sedikit lebih mahal jd aku pikir harusnya di Jkt juga gt hehe :p Apologise my ignorance, never had a french dining in Jkt before. Can I ask if you know other french resto thats fancier/bigger thank BokaBuka? I need to book for my mom’s bday (and it’s tonight!!) Thanks a lot Jen!

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