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July 7, 2006 | Central jakarta, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, West Sumatra Cuisine

Bopet Mini

We had breakfast here last weekend, it was a Padang Restaurant located at the “Bendungan Hillir” traditional market. I think they served quite authentic Padang cuisine such as : “bubur kampiun”, “pecel padang”, “ketupat sayur”, “soto padang”. I reconized that the “rendang” served here contained some “kacang merah” which I never found in all the Padang restaurent I had ever been to. 🙂

Rumah Makan & Catering Service
Masakan Padang

Proyek Pasar Bendungan Hillir Lantai Dasar
ph. (021) 5700282 , 73885472

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  • zink

    jenz, itu bopet artinya apa ? kenapa dinamain bopet mini ? dompet mini kali ? haiz..tak mengerti..

  • lorenz

    vietopia such a nice place very simple and bright, good food and reasonable price

  • riva

    aku tau ni restoran bopet mini, salah satu yg recomended krn variasinya banyak (authentic) yg ga ditemuin di resto padang lain such as sederhana dkk…

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