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September 11, 2014 | JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine, North Jakarta, South Jakarta, With Pork

Besides Japanese food, Korean food also have a lot of fans in Jakarta, even before the K-pop boom made all Korean stuff fashionable. Usually when I’m craving for Korean food, I’ll go to the popular & well known Chung Gi Wa (read the review here). But last month, when I went to their branch in Gandaria City, I was a bit disappointed. So I think it’s time to try another Korean restaurant, and my choice went to Born Ga which also have many rave reviews but considered to be pricier.


Born Ga is a well-known Korean chain of BBQ restaurants that already have 4 branches in Jakarta (Wolter Monginsidi, Kelapa Gading, Bulungan and most recently opened at Pantai Indah Kapuk/PIK). Last weekend, SC, I and Alin decided to try their first location in Jakarta on jalan Wolter Monginsidi, several doors down from Mastro Meat Market. The two-story restaurant is spacious, each table is separated by half cubicles to provide privacy for the guests. Every table also have their own griller complete with adjustable exhaust tub hanging on the ceiling. Unfortunately it was a free-smoking restaurant, but the waiters kindly suggested to sit at the second floor as it was still early and the second floor was empty.


So after we’re seated, they served us with a variety of banchan complete with their homemade kimchi and poured us their cold oksusu cha (roasted corn tea). We decided to order mansinchang samgyupsal(tenderised pork belly seasoned with parsley flakes, salt and pepper) 120K, yangnyeom dwaeji galbi (chewy pork ribs marinated with special house sauce to create an enhanced taste) 145K, soontofu jjigae – mild (assorted seafood and soft tofu stew) and haemul pajeon (pancake made from scallions and a variety of seafood) 120K. We also asked for the meat to be prepared in front of us.


  • bornga-jakarta-vegetable-wraps
  • bornga-jakarta-soontofu-jjigae-mild
  • bornga-jakarta-mansinchang-samgyupsal
  • bornga-jakarta-mansinchang-samgyupsal-2
  • bornga-jakarta-yangyoem-dwaeji-galbi
  • bornga-jakarta-yangyoem-dwaeji-galbi-145
  • bornga-jakarta-haemul-pajeon

After that, a long tray of fresh raw vegetables were put in front of us along with the dipping sauces/condiments. We’re very excited with the array of vegetables, there were lettuce, sesame leaves, cabbage, green chili, carrot and jicama if I’m not mistaken. We also asked for some grilled garlic. The vegetables are used to wrap the grilled meat. The meat was tasty, tender and delicious. We have fun wrapping and eating the meat. It was more than enough for the three of us. The soontofu jjigae was very tasty, the seafood were fresh and the tofu were also good. The pancake (haemul pajeon) was also delicious, with generous meat inside the batter. All in all, We enjoyed our meal at Born Ga. The service was also good and friendly. Although the price is a little on the high side, I think I’ll be back again to try their other menu, especially their samgyetang.

Born Ga Korean Restaurant
Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 24
South Jakarta

Ph. +62(21) 7396229

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