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April 23, 2012 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, Medan, North Sumatra Cuisine, With Pork

While I was in North Sumatra, I wanted to try authentic BPK (short for Babi Panggang Karo/Karo-style Roast Pork). On my previous visit, I tried RM. Om Do and Tabo Ba, which are actually quite decent, but I can’t shake the feeling that these are Bataknese restaurants catering to tourists.


After I nagged my brother several times, he called his Batak friend and asked him where we could find an authentic BPK. So, he took me to a place that looked more like a stranded hut in the middle of nowhere outside Kisaran city on Jalan Lintas Sumatra. We’re not really sure if this is the right place, but apparently it is. The hut floor is only earth, the wall were made from bamboo and the roof is made from from coconut leaf. There are several wooden tables inside the hut and several people sitting there eating. It kind of resemble a Lapo Tuak, except they didn’t have any liquor there.

Babi Panggang Karo (BPK)


So each of us ordered a portion of BPK with rice. The dish came in a small plate consisting of, roast pork, thinly sliced banana stems, several slices of cucumber, pork kidney slices, and some kind of sausages called kidu-kidu. The plate was accompanied by blood+andaliman sauce and clear soup. It was delicious. I like how the sauce tasted: spicy, savory, yet a little tangy and refreshing. The pork roast was a little tough, but I’m in love with the banana stems and the kidu-kidu. The banana stems reminded me a bit of Balinese’s lawar. It was savory and crunchy. The kidu-kidu is a whole new thing. Apparently besides meat, they also stuffed several types of vegetables like carrot, celery etc into the sausage. It taste so good, I ordered another plate of kidu-kidu and later take another portion home, which cost me no more than 100K. I was amazed, but looks like the owner was too. I think I’m the first non-Batak woman to ever step foot in this place, plus I ate quite a lot. 🙂

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  • Densy

    You should try RM. Tesalonika and RM Olakisat next time you want to eat BPK. I like Tesalonika’s BPK but the clear soup there is kind of yuckie. Olakisat’s BPK is also good, and they sell sausages too, and the soup is much better here. both of the RM are on Jalan Jamin Ginting, Tesalonika is on the way to Brastagi, and Olakisat is around perumahan Citra Garden. Cheers! ;D

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