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November 13, 2014 | Beverages, Cakes, Bread & Dessert, International Cuisine, JAKARTA, South Jakarta, Western Cuisine, With Pork

Every once in a while, SC & I would treat ourselves with a nice brunch at Kemang area. Usually we went to Antipodean or Authentique Bakery (read the review here) for breakfast, but after reading about a place called Baconerie, I was intrigued. As I always look for places that serve real bacon, the name itself was like a strong beacon for me. So we went there last weekend for breakfast.


Baconerie Kitchen and Eatery is located at Jl. Benda Raya next to Moe’s Place and across the Habibie Center. The place is not big, but at least it’s larger than Antipodean. The seating area with colorful pillows is set on the left side of eatery, while half of the right side is occupied by the bakery and kitchen. Small but quite cozy. The menu is divided into several sections: starters, all day breakfast, artisan cured meats, on the side, specialties and beverages.

So after studying the menu, I ordered one of their specialties: Baconerie Burger (freshly ground in-house 50/50 bacon and beef hamburger patty, bacon, special sauce, toasted brioche buns and side salad) 80K and Eggs & Meats breakfast from their “All Day Breakfast” selection. As the burger didn’t come with fries, I decided to order some on the side 20K. For drinks we went with Arnold Palmer (lemonade and house blend ice tea) 30K and Café Bombon (sweetened condensed milk and espresso) 35K.

Baconerie Burger‘s presentation was nice. It came in a wooden box, loaded with the burger, ketchup, red onion pickle and green salad. It tasted good as well, but then again, what can go wrong with bacon? I also like their salad and red onion pickles. Compared to the burger, the Eggs & Meats breakfast looked a bit plain. Two butter basted sunny side up (too oily for me, will go with scrambled egg next time), breakfast sausages that are shaped like patties and wheat toast. Tasted just OK for me. The Café Bombon came accompanied with a bottle of palm sugar & simple syrup, which I didn’t use as I think the sweetened milk was enough. The Arnold Palmer lemonade ice tea on the other hand was really refreshing.


  • baconerie-cafe-bombon
  • baconerie-eggs-and-meats-breakfast
  • baconerie-kemang-arnold-palmer
  • baconerie-kemang-oatmeal-cookies

Overall we enjoyed our time at Baconerie. I would like to come back again to try some of their specialties like Proper Rabbit Food and some baked goods displayed on the counter. Oh, payment is cash only. So have some cash with you or prepare to run to nearest ATM.

Baconerie Kitchen & Bakery
Jl. Benda Raya 1C
South Jakarta 12560

Ph. +62(21) 7883-8291
Opening Hours: Tue – Sun 7AM – 7PM

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