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January 31, 2012 | Central Java Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, No Pork, Yogyakarta

Our next stop was a new place called Bu Ageng, owned by a famous Indonesian literati/actor Butet Kertaradjasa. Located at a Javanese pendopo style building with exposed ceiling, the place feels spacious and breezy. The kitchen is attached at the front right side of the main building, so the patrons can peek into the clean and spacious kitchen. The place was a bit crowded when we arrived since it’s lunch time, and judging from the building style, it was free to smoke there. Luckily, we can get a table at the corner of the room so we can avoid the smoke.

Since I’m not familiar with Javanese food, I let my friend decide what to order. We ordered sotong gelap (stir-fried squid with traditional spices and squid ink), terik daging (beef stewed in coconut milk) 12K, sayur lodeh (a mixture of eggplants, long beans, melinjo leaves, squash, stink beans and dried shrimp in light coconut milk broth with chilli) 7K, lidah masak semur (stewed beef tongue in sweet soy sauce) 12K, sambal kutai (chilli sauce mixed with eggplant, long beans, stink beans and tempeh mixed with special Kutai spices) 4K to share. We also ordered nasi campur terik daging sapi (rice topped with beef stewed in coconut milk and various other dishes like Minang style omelette, dried tuna, sambal kutai and gendar crackers) 22K and nasi campur ayam bakar suwiran (rice topped with shredded kitchen and other dishes) 16K. For dessert, we asked for their special dessert called bubur duren mlekoh (durian bread pudding) 9K.

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  • bu-ageng-bubur-duren-mlekoh
  • bu-ageng-nasi-campur-terik-daging-sapi

The dishes came in small plates, but adequate for us as we’re not really hungry at the time. Most of them really tasted like home-cooked dishes. My favorites were the sambal Kutai (because it was spicy) and the sotong gelap. Meanwhile, the bubur duren mlekoh looks like bread pudding, but insted of milk, they used durian. The result was delicious since I love durian, although I think the concoction was a little too watery. But overall we had a great time there. The place was interesting, the food was good. We also had a chance meeting and a brief chat with the owner who was very friendly.

Bu Ageng
Warung Masakan Omah

Jl. Tirtodipuran No.13

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