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October 20, 2010 | Bali, International Cuisine

Bubba Gump & Co.

Two weeks ago, SC & I went to Bali for a weeklong vacation. Our flight was delayed, so by the time we arrived and checked in at Tanaya in Legian, it was already time for dinner. We decided to walk to Bubba Gump for dinner. The place is designed using the theme of the popular 1994 movie, Forrest Gump and naturally, they serve Seafood dishes. There are also a merchandise store at the back of the restaurant.

Fish & Chips
Since both of us love Fish and Chips, we ordered their Captain’s Fish and Chips (Deep fried mahi mahi fillets served with fries and tartar sauce) 110K. We also ordered the Cajun Shrimp (sauteed in spicy Cajun butter sauce, served with garlic bread for dipping) 85K. For drinks, we went with the Southern blue lemonade with blueberries 45K and Mango sparklers (mango, lemonade, orange juice and lemon lime) 45K. While waiting we’re given a plate of kerupuk udang for snack, which tasted good 🙂
Cajun Shrimps

The fish and chips were served in a big platter, on top of a piece of paper designed to look like a newspaper from Gump’s hometown. The fish and chips tasted OK, but I think the one in Kemang tasted better (and much cheaper). The Cajun shrimps was a disapointment. The menu promote it as a spicy dish, but it’s not spicy at all. In fact, it was close to tasteless. Fortunately, the drinks were good. Overall, with that kind of prices, we won’t be returning here any time soon.

Bubba Gump
Restaurant & Market

Jl. Kartika Plaza 8x, Kuta Centre
Kuta, 80361, Bali – Indonesia
ph. 0361 754028
fx. 0361 754033

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  • jessica

    porsinya keliatannya kecil ya?
    ga sebanding ma harganya…

  • surya

    yup, tmpt ini surga buat penggemar forest gump tapi ngga buat penggemar kuliner apalagi kalo lagi bokek ^^

  • putri yanadi

    Jenz, you should try bourbon street mahi-mahi, , it’s worth the price and the portion was huge, “im stuffed” shrimp juga enak loh, try those two perhaps later you can give bubba gump a second chance ^^,

  • angela

    kak sekedar sharing 🙂
    hr senin kemaren aku br dari bubba gump kuta, aku dan teman2 pesen 1onion ring, bourbon street mahimahi (110k), marinara seafood pasta (140rb), 2 signature drink (salah satunya Strawberry Lemon-ups) dan kita dapet free 4pc Hush Pups. kita sharing ber5 dan jatuhnya seorang bayar 81k dan menurut kita itu worth karna makanannya enak, tempatnya lucu dan pelayannya baik banget 🙂
    itu pengalaman ku sih dan kalau ada di jakarta aku pasti mau kesana heheheeh 🙂

  • Chisyelda

    You should’ve tried the shrimp with crab cakes and rice,served with this lemon butter sauce. I spent 300k there,at first I really thought I’d regret it,but on the contrary,I enjoyed every bite of that dish!

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