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September 16, 2008 | Cirebon, West Java Cuisine

Our driver told us that near his lodging, there’s a place selling bubur ayamthat is always full day or night. Turned out it was bubur ayam mang Toha, which we had been looking for since the first day we arrived. So we entered and ordered a portion of bubur ayam, bubur ketan & bubur kacang hijau to share. All of the dishes tasted delicious, although it’s certainly not hard to find a place like this in Jakarta. But to me, it was a simple & honest food. And the price was super duper cheap. All of the dishes we had only cost us about 10K. 🙂

Bubur M. Toha
Jl. M. Toha 67,

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  • V

    Arrrrgh, lucu banget Jen! Kayak plester2 kecil di tempel di foto 😀

  • ella

    yeah … quite cheap
    i’ve been there before

  • chiquita

    jeeeen…gue besok bakal ke cirebon lagi dan yg paling gue kangen justru si warung bubur ini lho…

  • yana

    terima kasih atas kedatangannya di warung bubur kami semoga berkesan.
    *catatan. Namanya bukan warung bubur mang toha tapi sari rasa, dikarenakan letaknya di jl.muhammad toha maka, warung bubur kami menjadi terkenal dengan nama warbur m.toha 🙂

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