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Last weekend, after attending Computer & Photography exhibition held at JCC, I urged SC to take me to Lapo on Jobunta for lunch, but when we arrived there the place was closed. So we headed to Pasaraya Grande, Our destination is to try Wata Kitchen. I remembered I had read about bubur kambing on Marchel’s site and I’m going to try it. Wata Kichen is Pasaraya’s newest foodcourt that served Indonesian selected traditional cuisine, from Sumatra to Papua. There were yougwa (papua) stand, tinoor (manado), sate padang, sate maranggi, soto kwali, selat solo, dudung roxy, balinese etc. so we stopped at a stall called Pa’De Mak’Nyus (not really like the name) that served bubur kambing (pekalongan), bubur ayam (tangerang), bubur ikan (pontianak) and nasi bakar peda (betawi). so I ordered bubur kambing 22K++, the porridge’s looks tempting, covered in rich yellow sauce, served with 2 sliced of boiled egg and generous fried shallot (the presentation remind me of smiley 😛 ). the taste was unique, there was no hint of mutton smell (in fact I was curious where were the meat). but overall the meal was tasty, warm & delicious, although the price was a bit pricey.

Bubur Kambing Pekalongan

Pa’De Mak’Nyus
aneka bubur & nasi bakar peda

Wata Kichen
Pasaraya Blok M

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