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September 5, 2009 | Central jakarta, Chinese Cuisine, CUISINE, JAKARTA, Seafood

Last weekend, we went to Pecenongan to dine at the famous Bubur Kwang Tung. It’s been so long since our last visit. The decor remained roughly the same. A typical Chinese-style restaurant with rather tacky celebrity photos paraded along the wall. As usual, we asked for a non-smoking area and was directed to the second floor which was still empty. I’m pretty sure Bubur Kwangtung has no non-smoking area and we were led to the second floor only because it was empty.

Bubur Kwangtung

We ordered the famous crab congee 45K and a portion of tahu special ala Kwang Tung 25K to share. The congee came in a large portion, more than enough for two. It was cooked in broth and the cracked crab was placed in the middle of the bowl with lots and lots of crab egg. The accompanying condiments were ginger, chili and soy sauce. Still delicious (and consistent) after all these years. The tahu special was also great, much more delicious than the one we had at Dharma Kitchen, although we would have preferred that they used ordinary tofu instead of Japanese egg tofu 🙂

Bubur Kwang Tung
Seafood Steamed ala Hong Kong

Jl. Pecenongan No. 67 I
ph. +62(21) 386 5688, 345 8267

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  • hadasa

    Bubur Kepitingnya memang enak banget dan telur kepitingnya banyak

  • Lenna

    Personally menurutku itu bubur rasanya bland. Memang sih bisa ditambah campuran kecap+jahe+cabe yg disajikan terpisah, tapi yg ada malah jadi rasa asin tok. Menu lain yang digoreng2 bermandikan minyak 🙂 I mean seriously.. minyaknya banyak bgt! Tp aku ngerti kenapa banyak orang jadi pelanggan sampe bertahun2. Suasananya itu lho nyaman dan authentic banget. Berasa seperti dibawa ke pusat kota Beijing.

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