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September 16, 2015 | Central Java Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, No Pork, Tangerang

I’ve never went to Pekalongan city at Central Java, but I’m a fan of one of its specialty dishes, which is sego megono. Megono is a dish made from sliced young jack-fruit, mixed with shredded coconut and herbs such as kecombrang (torch ginger), bird eye chili, terasi (fermented prawn paste) and then steamed. It is usually served wrapped in banana leaves with rice. In Jakarta, it is quite hard to find a restaurant / eatery that serves this dish, so when I saw a friend post a picture of Bumbu Pekalongan in her Path, I was so excited and decided to try it.


Bumbu Pekalongan is located at Gading Serpong area, it is in the same street as Pa Hoa school and Turning Point Coffee. Occupying two shophouses, the place is always crowded by people who want to savor their hometown dishes. Besides Megono, Bumbu Pekalongan also serves tauto (Indonesian beef/chicken soup/soto with the addition of tauco/fermented soy bean paste), sriping (small scallop dish), cumi item (squid dish) and many more.


We came here with several friends in the afternoon for dinner, so we ordered some megono pincuk (megono served with rice) 6,5K, ayam goreng bumbu pekalongan 23K, pecak cucut 11K, tauto pekalongan 23K, sriping 20K. For drinks, we went with teh poci (enough for 2 person) 13K, and some ordered teh bandulan (Tea drink from Pekalongan) 2K. It was good, I enjoyed my megono very much. Although it was not as good as the one my Pekalongan friend made, it was still good. The dish was fragrant from the use of kecombrang, but I would prefer it to be a litle bit spicier. The other dishes were also satisfying, too bad they ran out of cumi item that day. And best of all, it only cost us about 30K/person for all those dishes.


  • bumbu-pekalongan-megono-pincuk
  • bumbu-pekalongan-tauto
  • bumbu-pekalongan-cumi-item
  • bumbu-pekalongan-sriping
  • bumbu-pekalongan-ayam-goreng
  • bumbu-pekalongan-gado-gado-bp
  • bumbu-pekalongan-tahu-tempe-goreng

Several weeks later, we went back again for lunch. This time SC ordered Gado-gado BP and I stick to megono pincuk 6,5K with cumi item 17K. I noticed there’s a table that serve several fried dishes, so I got another plate filled with fried beancurd and tempeh. They all tasted great! So I think we’ll come back again for more.

Bumbu Pekalongan has moved to Ruko Crystal since August 2015, not far from its old location. They now have two floors to seat customers, twice the capacity of the original location. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any non-smoking sign, but hopefully they are considerate enough to separate smoking & non-smoking areas. The food is still as good as I remembered. I still love their nasi picuk megono and cumi item.


Bumbu Pekalongan
Jl. Gading Golf Boulevard
Ruko Crystal 1 No 11 – 12
Gading Serpong, Tangerang 15810
Ph. +62 (21) 54202353

Opening hours: Mon – Sun 09AM – 08:30PM

PS: Read also, Harry Nazarudin’s review about Bumbu Pekalongan in Bahasa Indonesia HERE

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