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June 6, 2007 | Central jakarta, International Cuisine, JAKARTA, Western Cuisine

We stopped here to grab a quick bite before the movie last Monday, apparently this place have open for more than 1 month now, so there’s no queue anymore. I just need something light that night so I only ordered Whoopy Jr. (a smaller version of whooper : flame-broiled beef patty topped with tomatoes, lettuce, onions, mayo,and ketchup) and then get a seat. The ambience of this place was quite nice, there’s a comfy couch in the corner and most of all, the place have non-smoking rule 🙂 The burger was not bad, the bread was tender, the meat was tasty, the vegetable was crunchy and taste fresh. But I still prefer Hot Shot’s burger from this one 🙂 We’ll be back to try their other specialty

Whooper Jr

Burger King
Senayan City Lower Ground
Jl. Asia Afrika Lot.19

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  • yohan

    food that doesn’t have a skill to make. Boring food

  • George

    it just funny during the opening day people will queue for a burger king.. i mean no offense to the burger king cause their burgers are better than mcd and actually good.. but really….. i just think it’s hilarious.. it’s burger king… besides.. as i remember it.. it’s not the first time they open in jakarta.. their first one i think at ratu plaza.. besides dairy queen.. the old ratu plaza of course.. when i was about 7 years old or something.. 😛

  • Herman Saksono

    I want my Whopper! 😀
    I heard during the opening day it takes 40 minutes to queue for a burger? Yes it define hillarious.

  • sopjagung

    The real test for the new BK outlet, is whether people will still be buying months from now. Just look at the spectacular flop that is KK. It opened with great fanfare last year, but nowadays, whenever I go to Senayan City, I don’t see any queues, in fact, I don’t see anyone 😀

  • venny

    food that doesn’t have a skill to make. Boring food.
    How arrogant! Telor ceplok with kecap manis and cabe rawit plus a heap of steamed rice is one of the most delicious and comforting food for a lot of Indonesians. It doesn’t take any kind of specialized skill but it’s definitely not boring.
    Is it because it’s not haute cuisine or European? You think aglio olio requires skill? Think again.
    IMHO, burger king can be qualified as good food regardless of whether it is junk or not because taste is anyway subjective. It is delicious (of course it can’t compare with gourmet burger made out of wagyu and foie gras), it does bring craving once in a while (and not because of its evil mix of sugar + fat, mind you). So why not?
    I find people who eschew junk food are just trying to be someone they’re not (ie. it’s not chic to love these stuffs). We forget: is nasi goreng kambing not junk in its content? Is Kue Lapis Legit not harmful in terms of sugar content and fat? Does it take a lot of skill to make a nice roast? Puhleazeee….

  • ME

    Woww @ venny…
    Chill out!! people just trying to say their opinion. Though his comment is a tad unusual but still in boundaries, otherwise Jen wouldn’t post it. Two words… lighten up!

  • adit

    yup, i agree with you venny

  • Ayie Uhuy

    Apalagi yang beli, ga pake Skill tinggal ngantri ama bayar

  • Reza

    Well said Venny! You go girl!!! No matter what people say, I like Burger King.I’m so happy they reopened.

  • YoOo

    wah BK indo ga “menantang” .. BK disini lbh besar and it looks delicious compare to BK Indo.. hehehe

  • George

    @ venny… u go girll tapi susah amat ma telor ceplok.. it still takes skill lhoooo hehehe kayaknya dulu blajar bikin telor ceplok angus deh hehehe… minyaknya kepanasan 😛
    food that doesn’t require skill… INDOMIE!!!! or even better.. popmie!! hehehe.. yum yum….
    but as for me i like food that doesn’t require a brain to eat…. *grinz*

  • Cholesterol Junkie

    HIDUP JUNK FOOD!! I thank God for women who still appreciate fast food. If they can accommodate the taste of people around the world I say they are skillful cooks (or at least at the prep room). Telor mata sapi setengah matang aja ada cara masaknya spy gak bocor, indomie bisa terlalu keras atau lembek, menurut gw apapun yg dimasak masih tetap perlu skill. Jadi apapun makanannya yg penting berkolesterol, pasti top!! ^__^

  • Lady

    Stuju jenz…lebih suka HotShots…secara HotShots lebih mahal, whehehehe

  • adeline

    Setuju ma venny sih.. i love fast food too a.k.a junk food, sama cintanya ma telor ceplok, kecap manis plus rawit merah lebih sedep (jadi ngences nih disini..). Sekalipun BK tidak dibuat dengan menggunakan tekhnik2 khusus, tapi ngga kalah enaknya dong sm makanan lain. Eh ngomong2 uda ga ngantri lagi yaa BK nya.. hip hip huraaa…

  • juhon

    BK is back!..asyik
    gw dah cobain di Sensi
    Tapi betul bow…enakan hot sot
    yd di PIM itu lho!
    sayang lebih deketan ke Sensi siy gw.

  • herlina

    Hi juhon, hot shot juga ada di sensi, gak jauh dr burger king, so tdk perlu sampe pim buat makan burger yg enak itu.

  • Mr K

    Burger King has changed management several times during the past decade, or 2 decades…according to marketing books I read. they are confused coz they dont have enough competitive advantage against McD. flame broiled? it takes 10 minutes to prepare that…but BK positioning is still fast food! confused?! Kapan yah In & Out Burger masuk Indo?

  • Vonny Andriane

    hi mr. K, i’m one of admirer of In & Out Burger, the best burger in the world deh. after i knew In & Out burger, i don’t like the others (hot shot oke lah utk ganjel2) but BK indo kurang empuk, kurang wangi dan 1 lagi, atreee bok. keburu lapar.

  • sopjagung

    Ha? Serius Von? Masa masih antri sih? Waktu gue ke sana 2 minggu yang lalu, kayanya udah biasa aja deh, ga pake acara antri gila2an lagi.

  • andri

    Gua juga penggemar In-N-Out, tapi jauh banget sih di California. Tapi gue lebih heran lagi kalau masih ada yang prefer BK daripada Hotshots. Whopper gak ada apa-apanya dibanding Crispy Burger Meltnya Hotshots. Udah ah, gue nulisnya aja jadi ngiler

  • Ria

    Burger King??hmm…yummy…!!!gw jadi ngiler neh…mau duonk?!gw suka banget ma western food…

  • nadya

    wowwww…gilaaa…gw kangen bgttt sm BK..yg parahny lg gw bru tau bbrp hr yg lalu..mgkn sabtu nnt gw mo cb ahhh…yuuuk guyz gw stuju bgt sm HOT SHOT lbh yummmy scr lbh mahal mo gmn lg yg penting kangen bgt neh sm BK…YUUUUUK….

  • boely

    anybody knows BK’s phone number? do they have delivery service 🙂
    Thanks yoooo…

  • K

    Best BK I had was double bacon cheese combo back in NZ…sayangnya di indo harus halal sih yah…BK indo ga enak!!!
    Sing ada Turkey BAcon juga enak.

  • stefanisarah

    i’m grilling (using a stove though) my homemade burger patty tonite. wish me luck! hehehe. i used to be a fan of hotshots before i later thought it was kinda overpriced. i once actually sent a request to the restaurant to lower its price. i don’t know if it worked.

  • mike

    its sad because the small fries there are like the medium now

  • reza

    for burger lover’s, you might want to check the mega burger in cazbar. superb.

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