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January 3, 2016 | International Cuisine, JAKARTA, South Jakarta, Vegetarian

It was a fine and quiet day after Christmas, and when I mentioned to SC that I wanted to try some coffeeshops around Bintaro, he suggested that we should also have lunch at Burgreens in Ciputat area. So powered by Google maps in hand, we ventured south to Bintaro area for the very first time in our life and found the location quite easily. Burgreens Organic Eatery is an eatery serving vegetarian and healthy dishes. The eating area is located on the front yard of the place. It was quite nice and warm to sit there as it’s surrounded by greenery and tall trees. There are also an indoor seating area, but I preferred to sit outside since the weather was not too hot.


So since this was our first time eating here, we ordered their mini quarto veggie burgers 75K which consisted of 4 mini burgers. The patties were made of mushroom, battle beans, spinach chickpeas and lentil shepperd. We also ordered veggo skewers grilled eggplant, organic zucchini, onion, paprika & oyster mushroom served with teriyaki sauce. We asked for the teriyaki sauce to be served separately from the skewers.


When our orders arrived, the waiter took time to explain them to us. I also noticed that there were no drinking straws served with our drinks which I appreciated because it means less plastic waste. The dishes we ordered also tasted great. They used good quality buns and I especially like the crunchy lentil shepperd and mushroom burgers. It was so good I think that it’s even tastier than burger with meat patty. I also like the veggo skewers. I found that I didn’t have to dip the skewers into the sauce as it was already delicious and juicy as it is.


All in all, we had a nice time at Burgreens and there are still a lot of dishes I want to try, so I guess we’ll be back for more.

Burgreens Organic Eatery
Songolas Green Area
Jalan Flamboyan No.19, Ciputat Timur
Banten 15412

Opening hours Tue – Sun 09.00 – 21.30 (closed on Monday)
Delivery & RSVP: +62(8788) 200 5070

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