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February 4, 2012 | Central Java Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, Kaki Lima, Yogyakarta

After the disappointing dinner at Omah Dhuwur, we went to Maliboro area for another meal. This time we chose a lesehan place called SBTB. SBTB is short for Sebelah Barat Terang Bulan which describes the location as “west of the Terang Bulan batik shop”. Every night after the shops close, the food sellers set up their stalls in front of the shops. SBTB is famous for its burung dara goreng/bakar (fried/grill pigeon), but their gudeg has also won praise. So after finding our table, we started by ordering 2 pcs burung dara goreng @29K, pete goreng 3K, nasi gudeg komplit 20K, and an extra portion of sambal terasi 3K to share.

Burung dara goreng SBTB

It turned out that this is probably the most delicious dish I had in Yogya. The fried pigeon was succulent, well marinated and a bit sweet. And the sambal terasi, oh… *drool* It’s heavenly, and if you love a super hot & spicy sambal, you must order this to go with the fried pigeon. The gudeg was OK, but not the best I’ve tried. This place really boosted our bad mood from the previous place. Kudos to SBTB’s fried pigeon & sambal terasi.

Lesehan Malioboro di waktu malam
Jl.A.Yani No.76
Malioboro – Yogyakarta

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