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November 16, 2008 | Cakes, Bread & Dessert, Central jakarta, CUISINE, JAKARTA, South Jakarta, Thai & Vietnam Cuisine

3 weeks ago, when we’re in FX Center, we noticed that Cali Deli has just opened a new branch on the 7th floor. It is a restaurant specializing in Vietnamese sandwiches and I’ve been wanting to try it. However, we hesitated before entering this place because when we asked for non smoking area, the waiter told us proudly that every space in there is available for smoking. But since the place was not crowded and I didn’t spot anyone smoking, we decided to take a quick bite. There were various sandwiches to choose from: java bread (sweet) 24.5K, veggie 21K, grilled chicken 32K, chicken satay 32K, lemongrass chicken sandwich 33K, BBQ chicken 33K, tuna egg 33K, beef satay 43K, turkey 43K and combo signature 43K. We decided to go with the Lemongrass chicken sandwiches. Too bad they didn’t have lemongrass tea, so we decided only to order mineral water. Our meal came several minutes later. To be honest, it didn’t look appealing at all. But it turned out to be delicious. I like the crispy French bagguete and the stuffing was also good. I like the taste of chicken combined with lemongrass and cilantro, It taste so refreshing. If only they put a strict rule about smoking & non smoking (or better yet, no smoking at all), I think I’ll visit this place more often.
Lemongrass Chicken Sandwich

Cali Deli
Hot Vietnamese Sandwich & Coffee

BEJ Tower 1 Ground Floor. ph. +62(21) 5154844/982-77299
FX Center F7 Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Senayan. ph. +62(21) 25554129
Jl. Surabaya 22, Menteng – Central Jakarta 10350
Delivery ph. +62(21) 980 11061/62

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One thought

  • Ronny

    You should try their mushroom soup too, not bad.
    I miss my Banh Mi lunches a lot. Cali Deli is the closest Banh Mi I can get in Jakarta. If you any shops in Jakarta selling more original Banh Mi, I’d love to try them.
    Try their Jalan Surabaya outlet as well, you’ll get to see lots of antiques across the street after/before having your Banh Mi.
    From what I heard, their BEJ outlet has a blazing fast (about 5 mins) delivery service to the surrounding buildings.

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