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February 17, 2009 | International Cuisine, Italian Cuisine, JAKARTA, South Jakarta, Western Cuisine

At Pacific Place last month, I spotted a new place next to Aksara bookstore called Canteen. It looks cozy with tall ceiling, brick wall and warm atmosphere. Unfortunately, the place is full of smokers and SC refused to go there when I asked him to accompany me. Luckily, I spotted several tables in front of Aksara (an increasingly typical treatment for non-smokers). The menu consists of western cuisine: soup, salad, pasta&rice, sandwich, pizza, main course, desserts. I also saw several asian dishes on the menu. Several dishes in the menu are quite interesting, such as fish en papilotte 60K, crispy chicken roll 55K, classic duck confit 55K, penne arabbiata with crab 55K.

Since we’re feeling a bit cheap that night, we only ordered several dish to share: chicken piccata with spaghetti marinara 65K, choco fondants 30K, soup of the day (mushroom soup) 30K plus ice lemon tea 17K and ades 12.5K. The mushroom soup came first. It was decent, but a bit too smooth. I like mushroom soup that still have bits of mushroom instead of pureed mushroom. The pasta was ok and I loved the breaded chicken with pesto sauce. I think they’ve added some herbs in the batter. The dessert came after we finished the meals. Served in a mug, the chocolate cake looked very enticing and, in the first few bites, tasted great too as it was not too sweet and a bit mushy. Yet, several bites later, we eventually realized that this is just another version of cake in a mug. The service was flawless and we still hope that we can sit inside the room rather than in front of the bookstore.

Pacific Place Level 4 SCBD
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52-53
Jakarta Selatan 12190
ph. 5797 3742
fx. +62(21) 5797 3754

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  • V

    hahaha, akhirnya pergi juga kalian. Interiornya mungkin bagus yah… Bata exposed gitu.

  • hdn

    Sebagai penggemar anything pumpkin, gue sukaaa sama pumpkin soup di canteen.. nyam nyam. Pumpkin soup di secret recipe sekarang bordering on kari gitu soalnya.
    Asep rokoknya emang ganggu euy di dalem.

  • sopjagung

    cream soup di Canteen rasanya lumayan enak, asal pas pesan minta garamnya dikurangin :)) Dua kali nyoba rasanya konsisten keasinan, pas kali ketiga minta dikurangin garamnya baru pas.

  • s

    Jen, i like the place where you put your watermark on the pic. It is not obvious, as if it is part of the pic. Did you study grafic design ?

  • paijo

    my friend said canteen has the best tiramisu in town, so i went there just to try it and it was good.

    jen, looks like tiramisu is one of your favorite dessert, i think u should try it.

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