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September 30, 2009 | Cakes, Bread & Dessert, Central jakarta, Italian Cuisine, JAKARTA, With Pork

Three weeks ago, we went to Pacific Place for some grocery shopping. Before that, I insisted that we had lunch first. So we entered a restaurant called Capopaccia, an Italian Sandwich bar. Since we’re cheap and the meal prices at Capocaccia are quite high, we only ordered one portion of Astolfo sandwich 57K and tiramisu 60K to share. The service was flawless, even though we didn’t look like the people who frequents this place. The meal came not long after we ordered and the waiter offered to cut it into 2 pieces. I have to admit that it was the best sandwich I’ve ever had. The bread was crisp, the vegetables was fresh and the meat was delicious, with generous slices of brie cheese on top of the meat. No need for any ketchup or chili sauce to go with the sandwich. It was perfect as is.
After the sandwich, our Tiramisu came. Topped with dark chocolate bits, it looked so delicious. As expected, the taste was definitely above average. The cream cheese was the creamiest that I’d ever taste. Even though I still prefer Coffee Tree‘s tiramisu, this one was also very good. If it weren’t for the high prices, we might just become Capocaccia’s regular patron.

the art of Italian taste

Pacific Place Mall
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52-53

ph. +62 21 57973658
fx. +62 21 57973659
for reservation, call/send text to: 085883405319

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  • Reza

    I guess things have improved. When I went there, the sandwich was only so so. Their shrimp salad was not fresh which I you could tell from the smell of the shrimp and to top it off they ripped me off by saying it’s a buy one get one with BCA but turns out buy a ton you still only get one. What really pissed me off was the fact that I had triple checked to make sure it was a buy one get one so if I buy 2 I would get two. When I asked the manager he just walked away. No class for such a seemingly classy place. It’s good that the food tastes better, hope the service is better too.

  • Lolo

    I went there with a friend just to hang out and chit chat last month. I like the ambiance, the high ceiling so it’s not too smoky, but still the seats & table arrangement indoor is killing me, too narrow, and the Lychee Martini I ordered taste so-so. But I’ll consider to re-visit to taste the sandwich and just sit outdoor next time.

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