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October 16, 2010 | International Cuisine, JAKARTA, South Jakarta

2 weeks ago, we stopped by Carlo de Hut at Senayan City for a late lunch (after an exhausting 3 hours at the Metro Big Sale). It was almost 3PM when we arrived and the place was nearly empty. The restaurant is not big and the dining area is separated into two sections. The outside is for the smoking area and the inside is for the non-smoking area. So naturally, we went inside and looked for the most comfy place to soothe my legs. The interior is also nice, warm and cozy.

From the menu, we know that Carlo de Hut specializes in Dutch style pannekoek, although there are also several dish that looked too fusion to me, like the rendang pizza (no joke!) or something that I didn’t dare to order. So we only ordered their Apple struddle pizza (classic apple struddle with pastry short crust) 40K and cheesy kumpir cheese sauce (Turkish baked potato topped with smoked chicken, smoked beef, mixed lettuce and cheese sauce) 29.5K. The pizza came served on wooden chopping board. It looked delicious and turned out to taste delicious too. It was much much better than the apple pie pizza from Pizza e Birra. The cheese kumpir was good but not something to die for. Overall I think Carlo de Hut serves quite decent meals, although I haven’t tried their extreme fusion menu yet 🙂

Carlo de Hut
Senayan City #L45, LG Floor Crystal Lagoon,
+62(21) 72781653

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  • sandi riani

    the food is very good here especially for the pannekoek one the price affordable too

  • dea

    i think carlo de huts is a cozy place to eat for lunch or dinner and has a various menu which is different from other resto 😀

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