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April 20, 2008 | Cakes, Bread & Dessert, International Cuisine, JAKARTA, South Jakarta, Western Cuisine

After late lunch at Sari Melayu we still have some time to kill before picking SC’s sister from the airport, so we headed to Casa – Kemang determined to try only the dessert. Located on the second floor of Aksara Book Store. I like the decor of this place, it was so sixties. The place was still empty so we can have our meal without having people smoking next to our table.

We ended up ordered eggplant, anchovy & cheese flaky pizza, melt chocolate cake and pineapple lime mint juice. Overall the meal was well executed, the pizza taste delicious, but the melt chocolate cake texture was too mushy (almost liquid) , although the appearance was quite interesting 🙂

2nd Floor Aksara Building
Kemang Raya No. 8B,
Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 7199289

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  • Leony

    Hi Jen,
    Couple days ago, I received a forwarded email from my co-worker, complete with an attachment (MS-word) about good places to eat in Jakarta. And what surprised me is I realized that the content is 100% coming from your blog (including the pictures), but there is no credit at all that goes to you. I don’t know if you actually have found out about this. I guess you deserve a bunch of credit for creating a good blog featuring lots of good food.

  • Andrian

    I believe Jenz must put watermark on all of her pics

  • Venny

    Oh no.. another one??? :((

  • Steve Budihardjo

    I had dinner at Casa also the other day. The food was quite bad actually. Tasteless mushroom soup, the cheese fries was soggy (they use Mozzarella instead of the usual cheddar), my girlfriend’s tuna comfit sandwich was… tuna spread on bread. My beef sausage pizza was actually real sausage you can buy from the supermarket.. Nothing special at all.

    The chocolate melt was mushy because it is basically undercooked. Mine was also like that, with some of chocolate center (the melting part) still frozen (cold).

    My overall experience at Casa wan’t good. Bad food, along with smoky condition.. I don’t think I’ll be coming back.

  • sopjagung

    @Leony: Last July, a guy posted parts of Jenzcorner on Kaskus, claiming that he got it from his friend’s email. I’m glad some of the forum users identified the real source and whipped the guy’s ass 😀 Sadly, the same email must’ve been still circulating without attribution 🙁
    @Steve: I was lucky I tried their food during the afternoon so there’s not much people, but I’ve seen the situation inside Casa at night. The haze is pretty bad as the smoke gets circulated over and over again.

  • wulan

    guys, you really should go ther for their cocktails. the martinis n mojitos r nice.
    Makanannya mah buat pelengkap aja 😛 (tapi kemaren2 pasta aglio olio nya lumayan).

  • Elisa

    Pernah makan disini bareng temen 🙂 Kita coba pasta yang warna hitam (namanya lupa, hehe) dan pasta AOP nya 🙂 Lumayan kok, dan kayaknya Hetty, temen gua, foto2 makanannya deh 🙂
    dan memang benar asap rokoknya sighhhh … padahal saat itu cuman ada 3 meja yang terisi …

  • sopjagung

    Bayangin kalo tempatnya full house dan banyak yang ngerokok. Kaya gitu tuh keadaannya waktu Tita ngadain ngobrol2 sama pers pas malam launching komiknya di Aksara.

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