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February 4, 2005 | Central jakarta, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, Manado

Today we had lunch at CELEBES located at Setiabudi One 1st Floor. Celebes is specialized in Manado / North Sulawesi Cuisine.. which was popular for a very hot & spicy food. The restaurant interior it self not very special.. decorated in minimalism style, I was hoping to see any Celebes handycraft. 🙁

We ordered “Ayam Woku” (chicken in woku style), 2 portion of “Sayur Kembang Pepaya” (stir fried papaya flower), and a portion of “Perkedel Jagung” (Corn Croquette”. I notice some misspelled in the menu.. but its OK lah.. the tasted of the food was not bad.. maybe we because we was really starving hehehe. Worth to try, although not as spicy as I hope for. Selamat Makan 🙂

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