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December 20, 2005 | Central Java Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, West Jakarta

Last weekend we had lunch at “Sari Asih” (CMIWW not really notice the restaurant name). The restaurant was located next to “ToKem” (Toko Kemanggisan) , its just a simple restaurant, didn’t got any fancy interior 🙂 the served Indonesian meal especially from Central Java. We ordered “Nasi Langi” (9K) and “Nasi Opor” (9K) with 2 glass of tea ( they used teh Tjap Botol ). In my opinion the taste was not bad, but I don’t really like central java food because it taste too sweet. but if you are a Javanese & missed your home town then you should try this place 🙂

After lunch we went to “Tokem”, this is my first time here 😛 (quite embarassing since its very near to my place) and the items they sold was amazing, bought a pack of tea “Tjap Botol”, Luo Han Kuo, some canned food (its much much cheaper here) 🙂

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  • Lucy

    Itu yg di tenggah bunder gelap apaan yah..?? telor kecap or something else..??

  • Jenz

    yup, telor kecap

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