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November 24, 2008 | Cakes, Bread & Dessert, CUISINE, JAKARTA, South Jakarta

After bubur ayam sukabumi, we went to the restaurant next door for dessert. The restaurant’s interior is nice. There are display cases showcasing their cheese cakes and an open kitchen. Besides dessert, this place also offers full meal course (steak, pasta, pizza, etc), but we already decided we’ll only try their desserts. So we ordered a piece of blueberry cheese cake and a portion of warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. The cheese cake tasted delicious and wasn’t too sweet. The warm chocolate cake was also decent, but I was dissapointed when they said they don’t have mint leaves, which would’ve complimented the vanilla ice cream nicely. Overall, I think this place is good, but I still prefer Cizz’s cheese cake, too bad they’ve already moved out of Tebet.

Cheese Cake Factory
Jl Tebet Barat Dalam Raya No. 23,
Tebet – South Jakarta 12810
ph : +62(21) 835 4735
fx : +62(21) 837 02169

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  • Michael

    Jenz, Cizz yang di tebet pindah kemana ya ? Atau ada cabang lain di Jakarta ? thanks.

  • yee

    Jen, do you have know where is the new location of Cizz? I prefer Cizz than Cheese Cake Factory as well.

  • Lucy Tumboimbela

    Iya..aku juga lebih suka cizz…especially keju gondrongnya…iya ya kapan ke bandung mampir di cizz laswi katanya pindah ke serpong..tapi blm tau dimana

  • Nurul

    Cheese Cake Factory, punya cabang di jl. Barito kebayoran Baru.. deket dengan perempatan panglima polim

  • Ayuku

    Aku juga suka gondrong keju lho

  • sita

    CIZZ tebet udh pindah ke
    Kompleks Ruko Golden Madrid II Blok F No. 7 Jl. Letnan Sutopo, Bumi Serpong Damai -telpon 531 64782.
    buat aku,cheesecake plg enak ya di CIZZ,tp syg skrg jauh,huhu, perPortionnya 16rb, size 10×20 90rb,round 12potong 160rb

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