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January 22, 2007 | Cakes, Bread & Dessert

chics breadOne day I received 4 loaves of home-made bread from Chic’s Loaf. It is not just an ordinary ‘roti tawar’ that usually found at the bakery, the aroma of the bread suddenly makes me so hungry and decided to have that bread for lunch. I’m not a bread lover but this one is an exception, its a “Herbed Cheese” – garlic & cheese bread with lots of herbs like oregano/basil inside the bread 20K each. The other variety is “Herbed Smoked Beef” garlic & cheese with smoked beef 25K each and “Cinnamon Raisin”. both of the bread taste so delicious. and the top of the bread was smeared with olive oil. I guess that is one of the reason why the bread color was golden brown & smell so good. 🙂

For more information click HERE

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  • Tondy

    hmm jadi kepengen nyobain rotinya nieh itu beli dimana ya Jenz?

  • ica

    iya nih. sebagai pencinta roti, jadi penasaran. pls direct me there, jenz.

  • Reza

    There goes my diet, i knew i should have stayed away from this site…sighs…:D He3x. Where’s it at Jen? I gotta try. I loooove bread :D.

  • Tjing

    I’m a Bread freak..cakes freak…dessert freak…then, do you mind sharing me those info Jenz? Pleaseeee…give me the address.. =p

  • Jenz

    Sabar ya… ini made by order soalnya, ntar gw tanyain temen gw dulu dia melayani delivery ngga 🙂

  • chica

    thanks ya jen 🙂
    untuk yang mau pesan bisa kirim email ke
    sebenernya sih nggak bisa delivery, tapi coba saya liat daerahnya dulu dan pesennya berapa banyak ya.

  • ak

    OK this post… really _really_ makes me hungry.
    Tokonya di mana yah?

  • sopjagung

    Yah si AK, itu Chica yang posting persis sebelum loe adalah pemilik “toko”-nya.
    Gih email ke dia tanya cara belinya gimana 😀

  • tdy

    oo made by order toh :O

  • Reza

    I’ve tried emailing her to no avail. Seems she’s away or something. Would it be possible to call her….mmm…..”shop” as you might call it.

  • Tjing2

    Rez…She did reply my email. Minimum order are 4 loafes, maybe you have to give your precise address so she can decide whether it can be delivered/not. G’luck…

  • Reza

    She finally did reply. Thanks though Tjing2. Have you tried it? What do you think. I wanted to buy 2 and pick it up but she had already made that days batch so i had to order for the next day, but on the next day i wasn’t headed in that direction, so I still haven’t tried it yet. Maybe sometime next week.

  • Steve

    Wah enak banget. I got my hands on these today finally and they’re so good. Two thumbs up for you Chica.

  • tjing2

    Steve, which flavor u like em most?

  • Steve

    Tjing2x, I really like the smoke beef. I think they’re great. The herbed cheese is also good but I personally like that meat factor in the bread. My family like both though.

  • lir4

    waw… these bread is awesome.. even my brother who usually don’t eat bread think that this is the best bread he ever tasted.. ^^
    bought the cheese and the beef one.. lucky for me she is going out of twon so she can deliver it to my house ^^
    certainly, i will oreder more of her bread.

  • lir4

    jenz, can i took your photo (food) and put in in my photo album in friendster? i’ll state it was from here though?

  • Jenz

    yes, lira, you can 🙂 can you also put the contact email (

  • lir4

    ok d.. i’ve put the e-mail already ^^

  • beng-q

    chica, mau ga kalau saya tawarin kamu buka toko roti di mall? sepertinya dengan wangi dari roti kamu bisa buat orang jadi tertarik untuk membeli seperti roti boy. hubungi saya yah di email saya

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