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February 21, 2006 | Cakes, Bread & Dessert, Central jakarta, JAKARTA

I dragged SC to Bakerzin EX last week to taste their famous “Chocolate Souffle with thyme ice cream”, it’s my favorite dessert here, although they said they have the best tiramisu here, I still prefer to have the souffle. its a warm chocolate cake with hot chocolate sauce In the middle of it. We have to wait about half an hour for them to prepare and bake it, but its worth waiting. Souffle should be eaten quickly, while hot and before it falls. Bon Appetite 🙂

Chocolate Souffle with Thyme Ice Cream

Plasa Indonesia Entertainment X’center
Ph. +62(21) 314-1979, 314-2979

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  • flona

    wah yang ini emang top bgt dehhhhh

  • Jenz

    emang enak ya… masih kebayang coklat yang hangat2 di mulut… *nyammmm*

  • Mauvey

    Se7!!! uenakkk, gw paling suka sama choco melt cake nya itu…a bit pricey but burst sensation in your mouth, it is a real indulgence…slurpp..

  • Michelle

    Oooh..ini Dessert paling direkomendasi-in ama Jenz yah?
    Kalau gitu di kunjungan gw berikutnya ke pasti pesen ini deh.. =)

  • Venny

    Gue suka oreo cheesecake di sini :D. Yg ini malah belon pernah coba.

  • decil

    jenz.. aaah pengeen …gw blom pernah cobaa choc soufflenya… yg biasa gw makan cheese cake de coupenya ..hmm cream cheese cake dibawahnya di kasih pecahan2 adonan pie.. aduuuhh nyammm bangettt…tapii next time gw order 2 deh choc souffle sama cheese cake de coupe *maruuk*

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