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November 16, 2005 | Central jakarta, International Cuisine, JAKARTA

We had lunch at Chowking Mall Ambasador yesterday, actually its my second visit. the first one didn’t went so well, but I decided to give it a try. This time we ordered Chicken Mushroom Luk Mien (11.818), Crispy Noodle(14.091), Chow Fan Special (11.818), Spring Roll Lauriant (18.636), and for dessert we ordered Halo-Halo Fiesta Petite (7.273), Almond Jelly Lychee (5.909), Buchi (4.545).This time our meal arrived on time, but they still make some mistakes like keep sending food we didn’t order 🙂 The meal was not really special but acceptable lah… my almond jelly was to sweet and covered with alot of syrup, the hula-hula petite didn’t have any taste 😛 other than that its OK…


Chowking’s Outlets
Mall Artha Gading, 2F Millenium
Mall Ambasador G/F (near main entrance)
Mall Ciputra, 5/F (beside Gramedia)

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  • flona

    saya bloman pernah ke mall ambassador loh *sedih* kecian ya? hehhehe met wiken Jen

  • james

    do you online on messenger, jenz?

  • Franciscus

    Hm…beef laurientnya parah juga. Mienya dingin dan gak sesuai image, beefnya asin, siomaynya ancur…. mungkin enakan yg shrimp kali yah? Minumannya ok.
    Running advertisingnya niat yah…. nice

  • Jenz

    hehehe ini bukan advertising kok… cuman ngedaptarin makanan yang gw makan doang 😛 tapi setuju kok kalo chowking itu biasa2 saja… pelayanannya juga masih parah

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