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November 27, 2014 | Beverages, INDONESIAN CUISINE, International Cuisine, JAKARTA, South Jakarta, Western Cuisine

As coffee drinking is now firmly part of Jakarta’s lifestyle, new coffee shops are popping up across the city. The latest addition to the Jakarta coffee scene is Chronicle Coffee and Cocktails, under the same group with Common Grounds Coffee Roaster. They are offering good coffee (plus other choices of beverage) and good food.

Chronicle Coffee Jakarta

Yesterday, I went to Pasar Mayestik for shopping and eating with some friends. We then decided to go to Chronicle Coffee and Cocktail for our caffeine fix. Located right across Dharmawangsa Square, it was not hard to find as the big round yellow sign of Chronicle is quite catchy. The place is designed smartly in simple and minimalist style, with a long coffee and drinking bar on one side and the seating area on the other. The ambience is nice, but the music can some time be too uptempo for me. The main menu consists of coffee selections (Arabica coffee beans from Common Grounds Coffee Roaster), coffee cocktails, crafted cocktails and Chronicle’s classic cocktails (from gin & tonic to martini) and artisan tea by JING. There are also a separate menu for juices and smoothies.

Chronicle Coffee and Cocktails Bar Jakarta

I decided to start with an espresso based drink, so I ordered a cup of cappuccino using their house blend. It came with a nice white cup and pretty latte art. The taste is very smooth, low acidity and very enjoyable. I also tasted my friend’s Gayo coffee prepared in a V60 dripper and it was also very good.

Cappuccino -  Chronicle Coffee

  • chronicle-cafe-latte-and-gayo-coffee
  • chronicle-gayo-coffee-in-v60
  • chronicle-jing-artisan-tea-white-peony

What about the food? I’ve read reviews from my food blogger friends saying that Chronicle’s traditional Belitung noodle 45K is very good, so I ordered that. We also ordered their lobster roll served with French fries 95K and sweet potato, caramelized onions and potato hash 65K to share. The Belitung noodle came in a nice presentation, using spaghetti cooked to al-dente instead of egg noodle. The prawn broth is very flavorful, rich and creamy, yet still tasted light. It is a tad on the sweet side, so we’re suggested to add some lime juices for an extra tangy kick, and also the chili sauce if you like it more spicy. The lobster roll was interesting. It came with a filling of tomato & avocado with light mayo dressing, very enjoyable, but as we’re sharing this, I didn’t really tasted the lobster.

Chronicle Traditional Belitung Noodle

  • chronicle-lobster-roll
  • chronicle-sweet-potato-caramelized-onion-and-potato-hash

After that, I still wanted to order something from the filter bar as I prefer manually brewed coffee rather than espresso based drink. So, I asked for their Toraja coffee and watched the barista prepared it meticulously using a very nice copper V60 dripper and kettle. It was as good as I expected and a little bolder than the Gayo I tasted before.

Chronicle Jakarta Coffee and Cocktails - JenzCorner

Overall, our experience in Chronicle was great. The food and drink were satisfying, plus the service was also friendly. Do note that the parking space is a bit tight and shared with the yoga place next to Chronicle.

Jl. Wijaya 2 No. 73
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta 12160
Ph. +62(821) 8888 1538

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 10:30 – 23:30

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