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June 23, 2010 | Central jakarta, JAKARTA, Noodle

From RM Medan Baru, we walked to Metro Pasar Baru. The place is called Chuan Chuan, which according to Nath, served the best Chinese style ‘bakmi baso’. She wants to have a full portion for herself (apparently this is her comfort food :D) so I ordered Bakmi Baso Ceper + Kepiting 19.5K for me & SC to share and Mie Baso Ceper 16.K for Nath. Plus 2 glasses of jeruk murni 11K each, one of the best orange juices we’ve had so far. The noodle was very interesting, with some soya bean as the noodle’s topping. I’ve never had this kind of noodle before. There’s also a jar of garlic oil in the table that really enhanced the taste of the noodle. We will surely be back. I just hope I can find the place again 🙂

Chuan Chuan

Chuan Chuan
Pasar Baru Metro Atom Plaza
Lt.1 BKS 69.
ph. +62(21) 351 9526, 980-677-05

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  • via

    Jens, sebenarnya kebanyakan bakmi bangka yang asli (yang dijual di bangka)memakai soya bean. It’s make bakmi more delicious 🙂

  • Febee

    Swegeerr banget jenz keliatannya…gue bisa makan gak yaah ?

  • jenz

    seharusnya sih bisa Feb 🙂

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