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March 3, 2013 | JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine, South Jakarta, With Pork

Last Valentine Day, we celebrated it with old friends at a Korean restaurant called Chung Gi Wa. I’ve heard so much about this place but didn’t have the chance to visit until now. The dining area is spacious, with rustic ambiance and separated tatami seating. Each table has a built-in charcoal grill and exhaust hood. After we’re seated, banchan (side dishes) and oksusu cha (Korean corn tea) were served and this was what we ordered that night:

Chung Gi Wa Korean Restaurant Jakarta

We started by ordering some beef BBQ selection such as Special modum (combination of beef a++ rib eye steak, beef tongue, brisket and premium beef rib) 450k, Bulgogi (marinated beef bbq) 68K, Bulgalbi (Beef ribs BBQ) 187k, Usol (beef tongue BBQ) 65k and Ju Mu Luk (marinated beef short ribs) 97k. We also ordered Galbitang (beef rib soup) 55k, Yukhoe (Korean steak tartare) 127k, Pajeoon (Korean pancake) 65k, Japchae (stir fried glass noodle) 75k and Ojingeo bokkeum (spicy stir fried squid) 88k.

  • chung-gi-wa-ban-chan
  • chung-gi-wa-ban-chan-2
  • chung-gi-wa-bulgalbi
  • chung-gi-wa-bulgogi
  • chung-gi-wa-galbitang
  • chung-gi-wa-japchae
  • chung-gi-wa-jumuluk
  • chung-gi-wa-ojingeo-bokkeum
  • chung-gi-wa-pajeon
  • chung-gi-wa-special-modum
  • chung-gi-wa-usol
  • chung-gi-wa-yukhoe

Overall it was a great dinner. I have nothing to complain about the beef quality as it was top notch and the servers at Chung Gi Wa know how to grill the meat and turned them into delicious, juicy and tender bits. A basket of various kinds of leaves was provided that can be used to wrap the grilled meat. My personal favorite that night was the Yukhoe which tasted very delicious and refreshing. All in all, we’re quite satisfied with the dishes we had that night, plus the price was quite reasonable for all the beef we had that night.

Chung Gi Wa (정기와)
Jl. Darmawangsa III No 2
South Jakarta 12160

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  • arinda

    always love your review and great shots! u inspired my to make a blog and i decided to do that 3 months ago. please check it out at


  • Vera Siagian

    Chung Gi Wa have two other outlets as well. One is near Kapolsek Jakarta Selatan and the other one is in Grand Wijaya Centre close to Nasi Campur Kenanga(Lebih banyak orang Korea di sini)

  • Vera Siagian

    I forget to mention on my previous comment. You should try sangiyopsal barbeque and their pancake.

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